In order to best address the evolving global cryptocurrency market, and after careful consideration, INBlockchain Inc has decided to transfer ownership and operational control of the BigONE exchange project to an overseas team led by Eric Meltzer. From Sept 21 2017, BigONE will be an independent project run by Eric and his team, and will have no further affiliation with INBlockchain Inc.

TOKYO, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — QUOINE, the world's leading global fintech company licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency and VeChain, leading blockchain-enabled product management platform are excited to announce VeChain's listing on QRYPTOS ( Photo - VeChain Announces Listing on QRYPTOS (PRNewsfoto/QUOINE) VEN is now listed and available for trading on QRYPTOS, the most advanced ICO listing and cryptocurrency trading exchange, developed and operated by QUOINE. VEN token holders will be able to trade VEN on QRYPTOS by signing up for a QRYPTOS account at Regarding the QRYPTOS listing, Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain stated: "VEN is proud to be listed on QRYPTOS. Given the trading volume and large user base on QUOINEX, QRYPTOS will definitely be the rising star in the crypto to crypto trading market. The collaboration between us is a solid step for VeChain to serve a global customer base, and more co-operation with Japan-based enterprises will be coming soon." QUOINE's CEO and Co-Founder Mike Kayamori also commented: "We are excited to list VEN on QUOINE's crypto exchange QRYPTOS. We support tokens that drive decentralized applications. Both VEN token holders and utility token holders that use our secure ICO listing and trading exchange platform, QRYPTOS, can now enjoy more trading options for VEN. As a partner of our Global Liquidity Alliance, VeChain shares an aligned strategic vision with QUOINE to build globalized, liquid markets for the crypto economy." 11东京16、2017美通社quoine,世界领先的全球FinTech公司由日本金融厅和vechain许可,导致blockchain使产品管理平台兴奋的宣布vechain清单上的qryptos( 照片— vechain在qryptos(PRNewsfoto / quoine)宣布上市 即使是现在上市的可交易qryptos,最先进的ICO和cryptocurrency交易所上市,开发和运营的quoine。 VEN令牌持有者将能够在qryptos上交易,通过注册一个qryptos帐户。 关于qryptos上市,vechain的首席执行官vechain表示:“VEN很自豪能在qryptos上市。鉴于QUOINEX的交易量和庞大的用户群,QRYPTOS肯定会是加密加密交易市场的后起之秀。我们之间的合作是vechain为全球客户服务的坚实的一步,与日本的企业更多的合作将很快到来。” QUOINE的首席执行官和共同创始人Mike Kayamori也评论说:“我们很高兴在QUOINE的加密交换QRYPTOS上列出VEN。我们支持驱动分散应用程序的令牌。使用我们安全的ICO上市和交易平台的VEN令牌持有者和实用令牌持有者,qryptos,现在可以享受更多的交易选项。作为我们全球流动性联盟的合作伙伴,VeChain与QUOINE分享了一个与QUOINE建立全球化、流动性市场的战略构想。


陆总的最新采访: CNBC是全球财经媒体中公认的佼佼者,其深入的分析和实时报导赢得了全球企业界的信任。CNBC由美国媒体巨头国家广播公司和道琼斯公司共同创办,充分利用了两家母公司在全球的资源优势,CNBC遍布全球89个国家;设有129个记者站,拥有1700名新闻采编人员,为CNBC提供了无以匹敌的新闻触角和覆盖范围。
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