Dash et xmr semblent suivre

Un node de ZENCASH demande d avoir un serveur connecté 24/24 Un node Dash donne entre autre un droit de votr

En arrière plan c'est un dashboard vechain non?

Pour doge, c’est pas deconnant vu le nombre de transactions par rapport à xmr, zcl dash... Cliquez sur doge après ...

applications mobiles, dashboards, ...

Next question : différence entre les masternodes de vechain et dash masternode

All in XRP / ICX (CT) et Dash

après, c'est pas fou, 20 trillion dans 10 ans pour le MC global

C'est bien en performance, il pari que 1M d'euros investis dans un fond composé de cryptos (bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, EOS, litecoin, monero, zcash, dash, iota et NEM) surperformera le S&P 500 sur 10 ans

Different masternode costs, From all time high to now Dash $1,600,000 ATH -> Now $65,000Zcoin $180,000 ATH -> Now $4,800Pivx $130,000 ATH -> Now $5,500Mue $300,000 ATH -> Now $8,800Lux $773,000 ATH -> Now $10,000

Un nodes dash couter 2k$ .. à son ath + de 2M$

Dash/Vet cool :)

La majorité des cas d'utilisation commence par l'installation de l'app concernée et regarder quel wallet utiliser ( général, c'est un service tiers, donc une connexion par Ledger au service tiers.Quelques cryptos (populaires) sont directement proposées sur Ledger Live (Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, etc..).


Il y a les coins anonymes type dash monero verge etc pour le remplacer en tant que monnaie en dehors du systeme bancaire

Relevé par @WaZaPepe sur Twitter :Integrate with VeChain Authority Masternode Dashboard which is in the process of being developed. As mentioned, we work diligently with Authority Masternode holders to formalize the node management and monitoring process so that they will be comfortable with letting the public know who are operating the Authority Masternodes. With the VeChain Authority Masternode Dashboard, the public will be able to see the information disclosed by the Authority Masternode holders and the real time running status of the Authority Masternodes

Several major European cities lined up to follow after a good launch in San Marino for the carbon initiative..Accenture workshop: 30-40 people attending, many people (from Accenture and corporate clients) were impressed by what VeChain was presenting. When Sunny is in Europe again he will visit the Accenture office to 'further discuss possibilities for partnership like DNV and PWC integration/implementation' (my interpretation of his words').Still working with DB Schenker, just taking longer time because its a complex process to incorporate new technology in existing operations.Givenchy: now 100% leather goods, next year also sneakers, vision is to do 100% of their commodities.In none of all the partnerships they have stopped collaboration, theres some on hold or slow but nothing stopped.In the future he hopes/expects to exponentially increase speed of adoption, 5x from now. They need more business people, because now 70% is dev, so more business people is an important target for 2020. They have a lot of requests and its growing so fast that they can't really handle it right now.DNVGL 900.000 wallets: most key project for digital transformation for DNVL globally, just DNVGL wallets (not VeChain mobile wallets), DNVGL is working at this really hard, and will integrate with all the DNVGL clients. Will help to use NFT for DNVGL clients. (< BIG IF HUGE IMO)Masternode dashboard: So far the progress is running well but we wanna make sure its solid and tested well. I know you want identities, but with the stuff around Libra and security against hacking the companies want to be a bit more cautious for now.Whitepaper 2.0: Delay because there are discussions about voting. Last week they made a decision about new voting system. X-node will get more rights in this respect, and probably also normal nodes. Whitepaper 2.0 before EOY, otherwise someone is going to die.Regarding VeChain giving away free VTHO or services for enterprises right now: No, this is not true. Sunny regards it as a kind of FUD. It's practically for free compared to other blockchain companies, and they are right now not calculating in a profit for the clients right now. But of course they are not giving it away for free.