Several major European cities lined up to follow after a good launch in San Marino for the carbon initiative..Accenture workshop: 30-40 people attending, many people (from Accenture and corporate clients) were impressed by what VeChain was presenting. When Sunny is in Europe again he will visit the Accenture office to 'further discuss possibilities for partnership like DNV and PWC integration/implementation' (my interpretation of his words').Still working with DB Schenker, just taking longer time because its a complex process to incorporate new technology in existing operations.Givenchy: now 100% leather goods, next year also sneakers, vision is to do 100% of their commodities.In none of all the partnerships they have stopped collaboration, theres some on hold or slow but nothing stopped.In the future he hopes/expects to exponentially increase speed of adoption, 5x from now. They need more business people, because now 70% is dev, so more business people is an important target for 2020. They have a lot of requests and its growing so fast that they can't really handle it right now.DNVGL 900.000 wallets: most key project for digital transformation for DNVL globally, just DNVGL wallets (not VeChain mobile wallets), DNVGL is working at this really hard, and will integrate with all the DNVGL clients. Will help to use NFT for DNVGL clients. (< BIG IF HUGE IMO)Masternode dashboard: So far the progress is running well but we wanna make sure its solid and tested well. I know you want identities, but with the stuff around Libra and security against hacking the companies want to be a bit more cautious for now.Whitepaper 2.0: Delay because there are discussions about voting. Last week they made a decision about new voting system. X-node will get more rights in this respect, and probably also normal nodes. Whitepaper 2.0 before EOY, otherwise someone is going to die.Regarding VeChain giving away free VTHO or services for enterprises right now: No, this is not true. Sunny regards it as a kind of FUD. It's practically for free compared to other blockchain companies, and they are right now not calculating in a profit for the clients right now. But of course they are not giving it away for free.

The Dude
D'ailleurs Vechain a pas vocation à devenir du style DAO? Projet géré par la communauté ?

Non, il ne sera pas totalement géré par la communauté, mais pour ceux qui ont des masternodes (economics nodes et X-nodes) dans la communauté pourront votés avec les autority node (40% de pouvoir de votes pour les AN, 40% pour les X-nodes, et 20% pour les economics nodes)

Un peu

Un peu ? Lol c'est soit oui ou soit non.. 😅 si oui, il faut aller sur l'application mobile, dans Discover puis VeVote et tu votes via ton adresse identifiée avec un masternode en envoyant 1 VTHO sur l'adresse qui est demandé selon la réponse que tu veut donner (une adresse pour oui et une adresse pour non). Si tu n'as pas de nodes, tu ne votes pas.