NEW YORK (Reuters) - Online brokerage startup Robinhood plans to launch commission-free cryptocurrency trading, the company said on Thursday, riding a wave of interest from retail investors for the new asset class.

VeChain partners with iTaotaoke, an online self-publishing content platform, to establish fairness and accountability for content creators on a digital copyright protection platform
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so what do u think? are we onto something? FENBUSHI / JIM B. are both investors in VeChain and in Circle and it is now called Circle-X which matches with the name of VeChain's new Blockchain name, Blockchain-X... So 2 of the major partners of both businesses (Circle/VeChain, Jim and Fenb) would want to see their businesses thrive and there is so much overlap, so why not help each other in Tech and business model? And it gets better, in the Apotheosis VeChain talks about the exchange of physical assets which is the same of what Circle-X is about to do ... "What is Circle X? At the core of this transformation is what Circle refers to as "Circle X" - the concept that, in the future, exchanges will not be broken down into types at all. Instead, Neville anticipates, exchanges will be less specialized than they are today and will host a vast array of tokens that represent everything from traditional equities to new assets (as cryptocurrencies already do today). "We see the future of Poloniex as a full marketplace where tokens can represent all kinds of assets and all kinds of contractual agreements," Neville said. "We'll see things that are really meant for settlement or for utility value that may be somewhat less volatile from a markets perspective. And we'll see some tokens that really are equities, and that is okay." Instead of cryptocurrency exchanges being different than stock exchanges being different than cash markets, Circle believes all that trading will happen in one place - in a seamless backend that connects the digital world to the real world." and compare it to VeChain's post from the apotheoses: "VeChain to combine physical assets with digital assets to be traded on an especially destined blockchain based exchange" So which exchange? Circle-X and powered by Blockchain-X (the new official name of the VeChain blockchain is BlockChain-X) and powered by... THOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have I seen?

The Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) has approved Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange BitOcean to operate in the country. The approval makes BitOcean the 16th cryptocurrency exchange to be licensed. Founded in 2013, BitOcean is developing two-way bitcoin ATMs (BTM) and a bitcoin trading platform. The company is also helping with Mt.Gox’s liquidation/rehabilitation process

Breaking news : LONDON, March 18 (Reuters) - The Financial Stability Board (FSB), which coordinates financial regulation for G20 countries, on Sunday rejected calls from several countries for cryptocurrency regulation, such as bitcoin . "The first assessment of the FSB is that currently, these crypto-assets do not pose a risk to global financial stability," said Mark Carney, president of the FSB, in a letter to finance ministers and governors of central banks, which will meet in Buenos Aires on Monday and Tuesday.

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Ma le aziende compreranno da noi regolarmente Thor attraverso exchange, oppure possono inventare altro sistema per tagliarci fuori?

Kevin also told me that there will be options for enterprises to use Vechain as a service without actually having to interact with the VET and VeThor tokens. Vechain can simply price out the cost of VechainThor services for the enterprises in fiat dollars. For example, Vechain could calculate the total cost of the chips that DIG Wine needs to run their anti-counterfeiting solution along with the total VeThor needed to fuel the smart contracts and quote DIG one fiat price. For the enterprise, it won’t be different from paying for any other service even though it involves cryptocurrencies and a public blockchain. Kevin also envisioned that eventually we’d see entire businesses that serve as intermediaries for large enterprises, who handle the cryptocurrency side of running operations on a public blockchain. He even speculated that Vechain partner DNV GL may take on this role for certain clients, given their familiarity with the platform.

Cointelegraph — Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News su Twitter: "PwC moves to integrate blockchain by acquiring a minority stake in a Chinese blockchain-based startup VeChain"

Crypts and Toilets The survey has revealed that a great number of British citizens may have an entirely wrong idea about basic crypto-related terms. It shows that despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, some Brits may still be completely unaware of their existence. Many Brits Confuse Cryptocurrency with Something Else, SurveyFor example, 36 percent of those questioned think “cryptocurrency” has something to do with funeral finance. Respondents were also asked “What is the blockchain?” and a staggering 41 percent said it had to be one of those old-style toilet tanks with a pull chain. British-based cloud services provider Inty has interviewed 2,000 people to determine if they know the meanings of some widespread technical words and phrases, the Daily Mirror reports. They were asked 20 questions related to computing and information technology. The answers confirm that many people in the UK are still unsure what some common terms mean. The poll shows that almost a quarter of the participants, 23 percent, think HTML is textspeak for “Hi There My Love” in messaging and chats. Another 38 percent of the respondents believe “cloud computing” means using computer technology while on a flight.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Attention! Attention! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ OceanEx - A Binance Killer ⭐️⭐️ ✅ICO: 💬 Telegram: @OceanEx_Official ⏳Presale: Ongoing ⏳Crowdsale: Vechain Community round August 💰Hardcap: 4.5M VET 💱 ICO Token Price: Private sale 1 VET = 800 OCE Vechain Community round 1 VET = 730 OCE 🚆MVP: No ( but not a challenge) 👥 Team: All Star ⏳ Short-term: Very Good ⏳Long-term: Very Good 📈ICO rating: 9/10 ✔️Overview: OceanEx is a cryptocurrency exchange and asset management platform launched by BitOcean Global. It will provide an ultra-liquid cryptocurrency trading market, and a rich set of investment tools to meet a wide spectrum of investment strategies from all types of investors. OceanEx token(OCE) will be built on VeChain Thor Blockchain and in addition to BTC and ETH trading pairs, OceanEx will provide VET trading pairs as well. ✔️Highlights of OceanEx: ▪️AI Powered Security OceanEx will have advanced machine learning algorithms to detect attacks actively and to safeguard the assets and transactions. ▪️Lightning Fast Trading OceanEx's trading engine is capable of processing 1,200,000 orders per second. ▪️OceanQuant It supports quantitative trading, allowing users to backtest and deploy trading algorithms on OceanEx. ▪️Ocean Market It gives the option for algo traders/portfolio managers to publish their trading algorithms and allows other users to subscribe to their algorithms through commission fees in the form of OCE (OceanEx token). ✔️Team: ▪️Xiaoning Nan, Founder of BitOcean and the Chief Advisor of VeChain Foundation. ▪️Daniel Kelman, Co-founder of BitOcean Japan, Special Advisor to Vechain Tech. ▪️Jiayu Zhou, Research scientist at Samsung Research. ▪️He Zhu, Work experience at Cisco, holds multiple US patents on network and security. ▪️Wei Wang, Work experience at Deloitte. ✔️Strategic Advisors: Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain and CREAM, A Crypto Merchant Bank. ✔️Token Metrics: Total Supply 10B. Available for sale 30%. Hardcap is 4.5M VET i.e., around 12M. ✔️Positives: ▪️Ultra-Liquid trading market ▪️Very low hardcap ▪️All-Star team ▪️Strong Advisors ▪️Backed by Vechain Foundation ✔️Verdict: We see new exchange ICOs coming daily, but I believe OceanEx will be a game-changer, and it can be a real challenger to Binance because of the solid team and advisors behind the project. Only two sectors in ICOs give highest ROI i.e. Blockchain and Exchanges. All Dapps are useless as they have no real use case but exchange tokens give high ROI because they have a real use case and are used by people daily. Higher the volume the exchange generates, higher the value of its token would be. A recent example is of FCoin exchange which brought a new model of trans-free mining and I'm pretty confident BitOcean would bring some innovative model as well to drive the volume up on their exchange as they have already promised to provide an Ultra-Liquid trading market. OceanEx has an All-Star team and they are being fully backed by Vechain Foundation. It also has a super low hardcap of 12M and it may even turn out to be the best ICO of 2018. You will not land on Moon but straight on Mars with this ICO. ▪️Short-term: Very Good ▪️Long-term: Very Good 📈ICO rating: 9/10 Good day we are heading to mars .😎🌒🚀🚀

This is the first showcase of VET's Multiparty Payment Protocol, where you can access and write to the blockchain with a sponsor paying for your gas fee without owning any cryptocurrency

The need for KYC and digital ID maintenance is pivotal for blockchain to see widespread adoption across the world not only from a Cryptocurrency point of view but also in general use. Being able to validate, audit, and trust members of the system helps reduce bad players as well as allows government and financial institutions better protect its users.

"probably biggest government deal in the history of cryptocurrency, coming soon"

President & CEO of the World's Largest Classification Society - Testing of Blockchain Technology for "quality assurance of fish, frozen food, vaccines, luxury goods and CO2 reduction."

What problem is MPP solving?One of the major obstacles for ordinary people (end users) and enterprises adopting a public blockchain is the uncertainty and complexity in dealing with crypto assets. On the one hand, users have to face the high price volatility when obtaining cryptocurrency from the market; On the other hand, they need to understand related technical concepts and become familiar with various tools such as wallets, exchanges, transfers, etc. to be able to use/manage their cryptocurrency and assets. For enterprises, most won’t go out of their way to use cryptocurrencies and cannot derive policy from the structure of proposed payment models of other blockchains.

An example is that a carmaker develops a full dApp on the VeChainThor Blockchain, with an Oracle, the purpose of the dApp is to collect data from its drivers. The drivers will consent the data to be written on to the VeChainThor Blockchain. Given that this is a transaction, cryptocurrency will be needed to execute. A third party, a “car maker certified” community members lead company, is the Sponsor to pay the VeThor tokens required to power this transaction, and the third party gets paid by the car maker with fiat, or other assets, in the traditional business manner. As you can see this Payment Protocol is the base protocol making it possible for ordinary people to use dApps running on the VeChainThor Blockchain just in the same way they use their non-decentralized apps. These users will not even realize that they are using a dApp in comparison to an ordinary application.

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Deloitte announced they will be developing its #blockchain solutions on #VeChainThor
$25 billion in Revenue China’s Second Largest Food Company Launches Products on VeChainThor Blockchain Solution
VeChain egg tracking in New Zealand
ICE Data Services su Twitter: "Full list of cryptocurrencies included in our Cryptocurrency Data Feed (this is going to take a few tweets): • Aelf • Ardor • Augur • Cardano • Basic Attention • Bitcoin • Bitcoin Cash ABC • Bitcoin Cash SV • Bitcoin Gold • BitShares • Bytom • CyberMiles" / Twitter
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