Nu maken die terug iets op Ethereum zeker?

Met 1 mln transacties ben je ook ethereum voorbij qua transacties
Tikk3R Bruges

Spelvoutuh artikel. Enterprise ethereum is de goeiste en hyperledger (want private database), maar Vechain en Corda zijn completer. Kortom low quality internetovergeefsel met de diepgang van een catamaran.

Big conference this week, with big names (Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei). Vechain is opening it.Possible coinbase Listing. NDA has been signed. Hinting to big US clients by Vechain US CEO. DNV my care runs on Vechain and is gaining a lot of traction (including ‘biggest us chain restaurant’) and one of the biggest hotel groups in the world. They won’t use the network a lot but it’s an opening to their board room. A news item that stated how much money is going to be spend on food safety for the next few years (a lot). Vechain is the leading blockchain in food safety. And that was this week ;) We still are waiting on the unannounced client that asked Vechain to write more data per second on their blockchain (even tho they can handle more than Ethereum for example). And it was criminally undervalued in the first place with partnerships (real ones) with Bayer, Walmart, DNV, Deloitte, PWC and many others.

Heb je nog XRP, Cardano en Ethereum

Haha ik vroeg wanneer we ethereums marketcap gaan overtaken haha

Ethereum ook niet

Oh oké dus of ik nou 100k of 500 oversluis et kost gewoon 100 vet!... standaard tarief?

En altijd binnen 10 seconden, geen uren wachten zoals bij ethereum en bitcoin soms 🤣