Josef Švejk
It is not a reward.

Thats what I asked before and dont know why you told me about erc20. I appricate it though

Another question please.

How much was the VET pool decrease d?

How much was the VET pool decrease d?
2.5 billion, please see:

Hmm will they refill the pool at some intervalls or should we expect our vetho generation to shrink continuusly?

Everyone, Thanks. I understood. VTHO is gus of Ethereum. 👍

Hi everyone. I would to ask one thing related with trademarks and registrations. Can VeChain use their products for example in Italy with My Story if "VeChain" trademark is not registered in Europe?

I ask this because today came out the partnership with Norway in a box and that is actually in Norway where the trademark of VeChain is registered while in EU that is not the case yet.