I'm back right now, I have to work next door ;-)

hi, came from the bytom group

basically me too, but i iike china coins, specieally wtc

Is ven already a token or an iou?

Neo gets redpulse as ico

Hello all together, nice finally also have a VeChain channel.

Red pulse (rpx) will be the first neo token

Please invite other people who are also interested in a VeChain, Walton, etc.

Rpx ico will be at 8 oktober

https://www.vechain.com I think VeChain has one of the best websites, at least from the creation.

RedPuls the first ICO from NEO

Can someone say something to the Refund of the VEN Token?

Invest now in ven or wait ?

Only one exchange . Maybe opportunity to get it cheap?

how big is the market cap ,is it known?

Total Supply 1,000,000,000

foudn this only, but its chinese

if thats the circualing supply, then its is 24750 btc market cap, which is approx 100mill..

only thing that matters is how much is the market cap, does not matter how much is one unit..

big market cap= not so great chances for big growth

Modum is a project from Switzerland with a similar approach.

how did you find VEN? I think VEN is very under the radar in the Western world. I did not know they were already working with Renault and Kuehne + Nagel.

Do you have links for this news?

wow, thats a detailed plan, takes a man to read it all..

i am deep in wtc, and some few talked about it there

I have missed wtc, but hanging on to bytom and now looking into ven

i liek chinese/asia coins, becaue of the huge market , and they are less likely to scam , in my opinion, its just not in their nature/culture

and i think/ hope, that after fud is over, they gonna reopen the markets somehow again