they dont wanna miss the boat

How to catch a boat, by rockets. Hmm that sounds bad

i assume they gonna pass the market to loyal people, close to goverment

potential for walton? very hard to know, research it, u gonna find so much positive about wtc

in comments you can see like 100 dollars in 6 months, but that is too much imo, but who knows

not healthy to grow that fast, but i dont think at all that the boat is gone yet

though i would wait to buy now, went up quite much last days

do your own research though :)

but i am heavy on that too

but dollar cost average your buy

poker player maybe? :) becasue of the allin

never heard, basically al the words you typed are unknown to me.. :)

sorry for the offtopic

I have NEO, WTC, Bytom and of course VEN. In addition, a whole series of other coins / tokens, e.g. of course BTC, DASH but also NIMIQ, Crypviser and a few others

the vechain slack is no longer to be reached, with you also?

Hello to all new here. if you know more people, you would like to talk about about VeChain, please invite them. There is apparently no active VEN Telegram channel, so we change this herewith. If you have any information about VEN, always come with it. Here is the link:

any good read for VeChain?

why does it need a token though?

did someone figure out the circulating supply?

Anders Kenyerson
why does it need a token though?

Think the token is used on there blockchain ... if you want to use the services of VeChain like in the article ... the token gives acces to the VeChain blockchain ... that's how I see the use of the VeChian token ..... don't know if I am correct ... others must correct me then plz

with other words 33980 btc, approx 140m market cap, cant be correct.. not even the biggest icos are that big

There's also this one ... is these tokens locked up for team ... future investments etc?

This is 1 billion address 0xd850942ef8811f2a866692a623011bde52a462c1

BTC? ETH you mean?

0.00003398 BTC is one unitaccording to cmp

Anders Kenyerson
0.00003398 BTC is one unitaccording to cmp

I myself could't find any info on there website etc. about circulating supply etc ... I didn't particiapte in the ICO ... bought later

But there is a Pie chart ... with I thought 41-45% voor ICO tokens ... so maybe 1 billion total supply .... +/- 450 million circulating?