This one I ment ... so I think .... 1 billion total ... 410 million ICO ... don't know if the ICO was sold out?

the reason i would be surprised if my calculations are right, because this a relatively unknown coin

What's the market cap?

Vechain or Walton coin better

Looks like they have real world use already

Yea getting too expensive

Bought at high of 30 cents :(

Waiting for bytom to develop

It's gonna take a while

I hold all my coins for long time

Is the supply of Vechain 1 Billion?

What's the mcap of vechain now

Anyone as price prediction for year end?

I am not expecting it to move quickly. But would like to see 30cents

we talked about market cap, it jsut fcant be true that it is 120m, it is so unknown..

woulkd be the 50th biggest coin, that jsut cant be correct

It's not showing on top 100 in coin market cap

funny that no one can answer this for sure, just shows how unrealistic the 120m is

Hmmm do you have information on the total number of coins in circulation?

It puzzles me that the market cap isnt available on coinmarketcap

Liqui is maybe not providing this info automaticly?

vechain must have some really strong backers

most people are holding their coins

knowing something greater is coming

little activity for a 100m coin

Which is why it’s so undiscovered

It’s a hidden gem

Waiting to be propelled into the spotlight

OMG will be big. Any price now will be good if hold long term

Hard to say but it has such strong connections and real world product coming

It was an established company before the coin was made

I'm holding at least a year

Is there an English whitepaper?