Cant even find what the marketcap is, and I dont see whitepaper on their website

Do you know the current market cap or circulating token supply?

circulating or total supply?

circulating should be much lower

It’s not the number of coins. It’s the total market cap that matters

Circulating is around 30%, sold via the ico

If 1 billion is circulating that make 150 million mkt now which isnt little

About 20% enterprise investors

10% special partners

And the remaining are with the coy i think

How much got refunded? Is the coy still working on the blockchain?

If ico is refunded how mich os corculating now?

if 30% is circulating now mkt cap is 45 million which is still a decent sum

I don’t see any articles which says that it has been refunded

Don’t think that any has been refunded

They were a legitimate ICO

they should have refunded chinese investors

Found the article

And will announce the address for the burnt coins next time

Will be relisted for trading too

Good to accumulate now

Their market cap is gonna shrink so much

how much is circulation supply of VeChain ???

Maybe if we find out how mich they refunded?

I saw this info in medium. What I can't find is how much was refunded and burned. This is important to know so we can calculate current supply and market cap.

all of you tricked here

Too many coins copying each othe

The day will come when all of this same-coins will vanish

be honest to yourself

Is Vechain trying to do anything different than Waltonchain?