Because WTC have nice patents on advanced ID technology

Finally someone asking the right questions.

Market cap could still be high considering the current trading volume and situation.

They have Slack that is closed

Communication is very hard with chinese projects

Yes, thanks for the link and hello all!

Obvious drop incoming

Same pattern always everywhere

Am currently annoyed I didn't sell WTC near peak... or more precise: I sold 40% and then bought back immediately 😅

A few hours later on the same price after it dipped and rose agai

Stack Chaney by only 0,1%

No idea, whale was and is manipulating

Yesterday up today down

I doubt it'll drop below 3,50

But still not selling cause I'm pretty sure it'll go to 7-10 in the next weeks if nothing bad happens to cryptoworld

And if the wall stops his game it'll increase again

As long as they are only on binance and ED it's way to easy to manipulate

Damnit I'm selling 25% and buying back tomorrow

Vechain is on binance?

I only see it on liqui

No we had a little side discussion on WTC

Didn’t catch that bit

Na fuck it I'll hold

As far as I see it they have a fair chance to go big if they manage to establish an alternative to WTC

No idea on how realistic that is though as I don't find too much info on team and IP assets

What do you mean by original token? Do you mean their blockchain?

No supply = no market cap

Marketcap = total supply*price

I invest small amount now

Jup so buy a bit now and keep adding as news come

Won't be as profitable