Baas service provider provides the headache free option

Juno nice, I collect such pieces of enjoyment

how you feel about spectra - like keyscape or omni2, good collections but not real, not boards of canada sounding

Damn surely the percentage increase potential is better with coins like ADA then right?

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Yes, I opened a case, and they just altered my buys!!!!

Oh man. Something else some of this stuff. I have a stack of ADA there as I hate the wallet, and hoping Ledger Nano S creates an app for ADA so I can shift it all off. Sorry to hear you are getting messed around like that

many stories about exchanges nowadays people getting hacked even with 2 authentication keys and now orders changed.. Stay safe my friends

adam,there will be,its not some shitcoin,its called bussines

A lot of new stuff is slipping out quite under the radar at the moment

wow and it still works? sounds like a badass phone

Naive to think crypto in general will go anywhere without people being able to pick up the basics

Eventually people will have no choice but to be forced to pickup the basics. There was once a day when people had no fundamental understanding of the internet either. Fortunately, humans have an ability to adapt

Difference is ripple is a payment currency. You need people to adapt to it. Vechain is an ecosystem in which you will have people using it without even knowing

Una mirada atrás en las sociedades de VeChain - CriptoPasion

From iran live ln canada

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Hi Hi 👍👍👍

Hello! Have you created your CometVerse avatar yet?? You can choose different colours for the avatar. Very cute. And it will be tradable in a future update 😍

Do any vechain dapps qualify for DappRadar yet?

Be good if we could have a few quality dapps on dappradar and boast about them like justin sun does. But instead of shit ones like crazy dogs and play goc, have my story on there

Danny 🇸🇬
Your question is not related to VeChain

Hy,why is vtho airdroped on binance but not treadable,any news on that?

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Hy,why is vtho airdroped on binance but not treadable,any news on that?

VTHO is not an airdrop, it is generated from your VET. It's tradable in exchange

How much for the x node status nowadays I mean

WaZa su Twitter: "$VET 🧐 So these seem to have existed... $BTC $ETH $EOS $ADA $XRP $OCE $SHA" / Twitter
Entire cannabis industry on Vechain

I've talked about this with people on the subreddit before, it's a great usecase for Canada and the legal states

Canada would be a more ideal target market for now

In Canada, so I don't feel comfortable with other exchanges

When I see vet in the green I be like yaadadamean

Is Vtho ever going to be tradable in Binance?

I have VET and ADA...

^^Thats basically BAKKT if youre not familiar . . not that it will be tradable for now, but still a great sign ;)

Sunny is speaking with the Chief Operating Officer of Bakkt, Adam White, and the the CEO of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, about "Security Applications for Blockchain Technology" at the Salt Conference in May!
Kermit's Pink Fingers

😂 that is an unreadable poker face if I have ever seen one.

Hi Admin, why can't I deposit vethor on the VeChain official wallet?

Hey Adam, when you go to the main page of your wallet, do you see the lightning icon?

Hi @admin...I'm New to the channel though I hold vet since last year. Can someone explain why do I have vtho In my binance account? And why is there no value for it

Vtho is generated at a base rate of 0.000432 per vet per day..vtho isn't tradable on the lack of price for it on can check price of vtho on oceanex:)

Lukeeey A
Well i dont think vtho will surpass the price of vet

Then it's probably wise to read up on adam smith and general free market theory

Does anyone know if you can connect the ledgernanoS directly with an adapter on the IPhone?