When you said “70% gets burnt when used” so this means that companies get a 30% discount basically when using this stuff

Is the only benefit of owning vet, basically to generate vtho? Or are there other benefits?

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the value shines in the bull market

When bitcoin goes up everything basically goes up. It’s elementary.

This is basic logic

Asics also one of our clients?

Sbtg modified some asics and made it vetracked

hm, so it's like a binance program that explains the basics of coins?

Question: if you dont know your key nor the Mnemonic phrases for your vechain wallet..are you basically SOL?!? I had to reformat the phone yesterday on the GO and dont have neither.

Is that like a ledger? Gonna read it now.

It basically makes operating on an exchange that supports sha solutions, as secure as a ledger if im not mistaken

^^Thats basically BAKKT if youre not familiar . . not that it will be tradable for now, but still a great sign ;)

For example Oceanex token ICO basically sold out in the Xnode round.

What is the worth of vtho

What would you pay for a basic transaction from wallet a to wallet b? :P

Ohhh okay when I created another wallet it just basically reset the password. That’s pretty cool. Thanks a lot from you both!

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Total supply last year?

Lol mate, he just answered it, common sense and Basic math is all you need.

I’m an underwriter on Wall Street. It’s in my nature to see the glass half empty. Especially in this space. “Hope” they are buying in the open market is not an investment thesis

Then you should know the nature of market. We sell at the high not at the bottom. The foundation did not sell much from enterprise pool during the lowest period. This is common sense and not a thesis. If you don’t understand this simple logic. Then you should not invest in anywhere and anything. In financial report vol 3 and 4. Foundation sold 2-4 billions VET each quarter. Because the price was high. And I remember that lot of people also complain why they sold so much? Why not let enterprises buy from open market instead? And now when they didn’t sell from enterprise pool. We have exactly opposite complaints why not selling to enterprise?Basically regardless what they do. Someone will not be happy and will complain.

Seeing the big price discrepancies in X nodes for sale, just wondering why you wouldn’t buy the basic VeThor Xnode for 350k Vet and upgrade to Mjolnir Xnode. Instead of paying a million for the Mjolnir Xnode 🤔

Quick one gents - which has a higher vthor generation rate - basic X node or economic strength node?

Quick one gents - which has a higher vthor generation rate - basic X node or economic strength node?

Basic SN for now, but the reward pool is decreasing each 6months afaik, XNode pool always stays the same

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Ah. I’ve explained quite clear on my previous email, what my company is looking for.

How big is the contract you are looking for? How much do you want to spend? Maybe it's not high volume so they put you on hold basically

More than worthless it's basically a hoax

Quick read up on consortium blockchains, it’s basically outlining the authority master nodes. VeChain has already figured this out.

Basically used VET to explain the importance of blockchain to them then pulled the ol switcharoo and said screw it, we'll make our own chain

basically the premise of what you are saying impies you dont know what LVMH is you just know about the brands under it


My worry is that I will destroy the x-node when I buy it because I already have a basic, economic, strength node on the vechainthor wallet I plan on buying the x-node with. Wondering if I need to get rid of my economic strength node before I buy the strength x-node. I've been looking in that document but can't find the answer. Any thoughts on that? I appreciate your reply!👍

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why separate?

It’s like saying my budget this month is for $300 for car payment and $500 for mortgage, so all I need is $500 to pay those bills... no, you would need $800, separately identify what you have to hold for separate purpose... basic budgeting...

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Any specific reason?

The project is a gamechanger for crypto in general, inheritance solution for exchanges, wallets and even outside of crypto. It lets you basically inherit a whole country if thats what you want to use the solution for

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No idea but if it's bad, AMB can pack its bags (after having emptied their own wallets already weeks ago LOL)

I have a bad impression of AMB after they were shit in Hong Kong. I asked a few basic questions about supply chain managment and IOT sensors - the CEO had no idea how to answer

So basically I'll need to buy with 10k and have another 1mil vet?

Personally, I don’t really understand why Ambrosus did that kind of name change which basically giving up their own brands. On the bright side, I guess it means VeChain is really doing well. And even I don’t know anyone from AMB and I didn’t have any meeting or discussion or any agreement with Anyone from AMB.

So amb tg basically thinks this is a genius move by amb in order to keep vet out of europe 😂

so basically the first benefit of my x node is impossible to take advantage of?

Sit and wait basically