Like you wouldn’t believe. Vechain is on fire and no one is even looking

OCE will fly past the Kuiper Belt!!

OceanEx Token OCE listed today at 22:00 (UTC+8)The OCE/VET trading pair will open today at 22:00 (UTC+8) on the exchange. Click here for a count down timer: more about OCE here: more about the listing here:—————————————————————————VeChain Summit 2019 - Apr 18th in SFOn April 18th 2019 in San Francisco, VeChain will hold its first Summit. The Summit will combine product releases, expertise and insights sharing, interactive tutorials as well as immersive entertainment. In addition to the VeChain team, speakers will join from BMW, Stanford, DNV GL, Safe Haven as well as Totient Labs, with more speakers to be announced soon. Find out more and get your ticket at: bounties and dev tools releasedVeChain has launched a bounty program for a total of 40M VET for developers wanting to build dApps on the VeChainThor blockchain. Next to this the team has also released two new tools for Developers building dApps on the VeChainThor platform.ℹ️ Sync is a dApp running environment with an integrated desktop wallet. ℹ️ Connex is a Javascript based standard that allows devs to easily connect their applications with the blockchain, comparable to web3.jsℹ️ VeChain Developers Conference will take place on April 18th at Fort Mason, San franciscoRead more about the developer bounties challenge here: more about the dev tools here: a developer? No problem! Download the Comet browser wallet now to make use of all VeChain dApps: the latest AMA: No FUD/Toxicity/Profanity/Discrimination 2. No NSFW content 3. No Refs/Ads 4. No Spam 5. English only 6. VeChain coin talk only 7. No price discussion 8. Moderator-disputes in private 9. No brigading/upvote spam

on the plus side, with vethor x you are more flexibel (you will lose the x node if you sell below your minimum for node)

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Mr. Cream quick question. I seen a Twitter post with you saying the price of vtho was to high. Do you feel that the generation rate should be changed or the cost of the transaction should be lowered.. ie 30 vtho to 20 vtho

I believe the steering committee can make that decision ultimately, either or though, both achieve the same result for any Node holders going for ROI, i.e. ROI doesn't get lowered. I just think the transaction should be cheaper. My comment on twitter about VTHO *Should" be lower is a statement that was not quite 100% captured what I wanted to express.

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I will make sure that I follow the rules.

I believe you can mitigate it by adding a "np." pre-fix to the URL of any Reddit link.

Risky but I believe it will pay off.

They work with givenchy, I believe

All your AMB are belong to us

Sorry @SunnyluV I was making a meme joke about the rumour, lemme find a link:

Hi guy's. New to vechain, the more I read the more I like, I believe there a lot of potential here. I have a question how does one obtain VTHOR??

I believe i can fly..... i believe i can touch the sky

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How do node tokens work exactly? Lets say you have 2m vet abd running a STR node. If you buy a STR x node token, do you then keep 2 node tokens? Can you also have ie a vethor x node AND a STR x node token on 1 address?

Can not have two nodes on the same address.Believe the scenario you’re proposing would upgrade you to a strength x node, and the economic strength node is destroyed.

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Yep! OCE is also a dapp right? It is a web application

I don't believe so - it's a centralised exchange not a DEX, so whilst OCE may interact with some exchange related contracts for example for wallet and balance management, it's not, itself a dApp

Hello,VefamIam huge fan of vechain and early adopter of $VEN TO $VETI wanted to create a stable coin for government and utilities the vechain ecosystem to directly connect public to government no third-party. I have the government supportI belong to state sikkim of IndiaGovernment will provide full supportAnd as Law sikkim has very different law then any other state of IndiaLike USDT stable coin for example 1xyz  token backed by real 100inr fiat at Sikkim bank named SBS which is not regulated with RBI.I am from india but my state sikkim has very different law then Indian government law coz till 1972 sikkim was a country now it's state of IndiaI have the support government and I wanna use vechain ecosystem to connect directly public to government and government to public no third-party.Sikkim bank as no online option and only local resedent person can open account in Sikkim bank SBS. Best part even if I keep $100billion dollar in fiat in Sikkim bank I don't have to pay any taxes as Iam a local resident and sbs is not fully  regulated with  RBI.For example Only SIKKIM has casino no other states are allowed to open casiono in India Only sikkim runs lottery legally or else no other states are allowed to run lottery. Hoping for good response as I need Vefam Devs Help to create stable Crypto currency Backed by state government.

Morning. On my vechain wallet it has nodes. Please can some explain what they are and do please.

you can generate more vtho if u upgrade into a node but need to wait for the maturity period, you loose node status if your vet balance drops below the requirement

i find that hard to believe...

Once you upgrade, you can lose the status if you go below the requirement. But you cannot downgrade

You can always move your VET when you wish, but dropping below the minimum amount of VET (in order to keep your Node) will destroy it.

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yeah vechain would never go scam 😊

It's actually hard to believe a top ranking project would go to scam lol.

Their was limited time I believe to swap and maintain the node status. But you can follow a guide I believe to swap from ben to vet still!

The ones that were burned look to be lost due to purchasing mistakes

What are you talking about. You don’t lose them because of purchasing mistakes, you only lost them when you sell and go below the required amount. One of those holders only had vet for 4 days so he may of been happy with his return. We just don’t know the reasons. Anyway it’s good for my Xnode as I get more of the pool now. The xnode s are still tightly held and the original owners is still a high percentage. Go Vet.