its block chain wont lag like bitcoin? is basically my question when the volume picks up?

Bitcoin is on there, countelegrah, coincodex, qz, bitsonline, cryptobriefing, ccn, coindeskALL of these reference the CCID rankings.NO-ONE is saying its fake.A random guy called Homer is all defensive and doing a trump 'fake news', but can't give me any links?I don't buy something based on stupid rankings - I'm just annoyed they aren't including vechain, and wondering if anyone from vechain has reached out to them.

新年快乐 Happy Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig. May the year of the pig bring you all health and more bitcoins

why does bitcoin network need a coin?

the only real value is vechain and bitcoin everything else is a scam lol

That's a shame 🙁 Any idea where it could have been mentioned? I checked Vechain's official medium, twitter, bitcointalk & such but didn't find anything

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correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it's a bitcoin wallet built into the phone
After Sale Of 11,000 Fake Wines, Vechain (VET)’S Mystory Could Be Heading For Another Top Wine Maker  - Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

"cheap" compared to bitcoin yes

Like bitcoins but only usable on telegram

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the value shines in the bull market

When bitcoin goes up everything basically goes up. It’s elementary.

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? do you guys think about changing the maximum supply though?

it's a bitcoin group ?

look at Bitcoin

buying a coffee with bitcoin... hard to do head math on that

vechain is still attached to bitcoin movement

used this post

Remember bitcoin dont act like a company. Mass adoption. Currency . Just debating

Bitcoin is about to go to 6k

Guys, what caused a massive VeChain drop? from $3 to current $0.00x levels

One reason was the 1:100 split... another was bitcoin dump from 20k to 4K.

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What is bmw doing with vet? 😂

I know but still Bitcoin do have decimal points 8. And bitcoin is not ERC-20 token

Ok, I will check it again more thoroughly. I don't know why people sometimes are alergic to permissioned or centralized blockchains as decentralization creates chaos. We need only one decentralized layer and it is Bitcoin. It can adopt everything what is tested in altcoins.

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Funds are never a worry for VeChain.

Funds are never a worry because there was a time that 5% of all bitcoins mined went to our CEO, yes Sunny Lu.

bitcoin sneeze

Vechain (VET) Perfect Platform For India’s New Blockchain Coffee Supply Initiative - Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Cryptocurrencies will be based on a blockchain, but not everything that exists on a blockchain is made to be a currency (in the same way we might think of bitcoin or lite coin). Through various cross-chain technology and exchange markets however, it is easy to exchange one token for another.

Bitcoin $5k already 😲

This is not the place to discuss bitcoin prices :)

How can a trollcoin like Bitcoin Cash...

majority of people think bitcoin cash is a bigcoin variant

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vet lol

Vet is like saying Bitcoin etc. They all have a breakdown word. As pla, sha and oce is not sold in a whole Vet

Vechain is one of the best projects in crypto outside of Bitcoin and Tron