I honestly thought with him having been with LV previously he would have had a better chance of a partnership.. Chief Information Officer for LV China

Agree. The answer could easily be both. One operating unit decides to use VeChain and another decides to build in house. Happens all the time in large businesses such as this. If you have concerns, take a look at VTHO burn that past 4-5 days...I'll bet on that.

Corporations like Louis Vuitton can use their own block chain but it’s private not public. There is no trust. Louis Vuitton knows if they use a public blockchain like Vechain everyone will know where their products come from. Like being made in China and all of a sudden the luxury brands are not so luxurious anymore, the mystery is gone because you can see its whole route that it took to get on your front door. They will fight this but there are plenty of other companies outside of this one.

jordans are made in china and people still pay hella money for them

May be they use vechain in china and their own chain in westerncountries

I've spent over a decade in China and live in Fuzhou, ask me anything about Haier

Just kidding its just a regular energy saver but hey every household in China uses the same brand

Apple lost iphone trademark in china for example

This is europe not china

Well china is different market and different rullz!

Vechain approved for investing in China ?

John Wilson
Just says working hand in hand to build a Dapp. Nothing built yet and what’s to say BMW won’t dump them and build there own system with Microsoft or Amazon

Well we have a Microsoft Blockchain rep as a guest speaker at the VeChain Summit, also Amazon Web Services China inducted VeChain into their partner program complete with a press release in China 😉


Does he live in USA or China?

China is a given but to do it in Europe is even harder

"China to enjoy high-quality products produced in Norway, as well as other Northern Europe countries. "