From the outside looks like a good coin

99% according to coin market cap

Coin geeko says ATH is 8.46 USD

I see. Does the group still see this coin being a big deal?

Harrison Crowder
vet lol

Vet is like saying Bitcoin etc. They all have a breakdown word. As pla, sha and oce is not sold in a whole Vet

When is the VCoin Summit ?

When is the VCoin Summit ?

Did vechain rebrand to vcoin because of ambrosus?

I don't know how this team calculate... but it looks nice.

And a lot of coins for it falls and how?

Vechain is one of the best projects in crypto outside of Bitcoin and Tron

Is it possible?

Check coingecko search vtho and then look at its markets , but u can save them to pay fees on the network

Whatever the coin is, if you are a good trader, you can earn...

Guys, how safe is mobile wallet? I have my concerns with mobile wallets in general, but can I store my Coins in Vet mobile wallet? Any guarantee from Vechain?

robbiejj crypto
Hello guys;;; I am trying to send VET from my Ledger Nano S to Binance... but the errormessage is; There was an error while signing, please try again.

I've had this happen with other coins.. Try uninstall of vet app on Ledger then reinstall. If that doesn't work just give it some time.

Is it possible for VeChain to reach a dollar per coin some day!? And in what time reach?

bsc44 (I will not PM you)
no. the 12 words is the backup mnemonic phrase. The password is the apssword you set when you created the wallet

I am try withdraw my coin wallet to exchange and I give my wallet login password but still say incorrect password

GM, BMW Back Blockchain Data Sharing For Self-Driving Carsvia @blockfolio
IBM Patents Blockchain Implementation to Manage Data For Autonomous Vehiclesvia @blockfolio

Hello, guys. I need some help. I heard about the vthor coin related to this great project VECHAIN. I'd like to buy some vthor coin but I could find any exchange selling them. Anyone who know about this, please give some help.

Is that BeChainThor wallet safe!? I mean just as safe as a ledger nano s?

Storing ur coins offline is the safest way but the wallet are also safe. I am using the wallet Even tough i have a ledger👍
Yes I know its not ERC20. That was a mistake

If its not a ERC20 token, and you knowingly moved to a ERC20 wallet, then you will lose your coins.