Vechain is one of the best projects in crypto outside of Bitcoin and Tron

I used to be in the latter. Untill I learned to read sourcr code. When I realized that it is a 99.9% eth copy but still lagging far behind. I'd moved my funds to VET.

Anyone have any guesstimates on the future value of a Vethor Xnode? 😁

was there a discussion before whether its better to have a vethor than an strength x node?

Repost from another chat. Legit question. Vethor Economic node vs Vethor x node. From what it seems the economic node reward pool decreases. So what happens when it depletes fully. The xnode reward pool will not deplete. There are only 4787 xnodes. If they are the only Thor producers in the future. Wouldn’t they be extremely undervalued now? Considering the economic node reward pool depletion. Please correct me if my facts of logic is off.

so the address is similar to eth address where it starts with 0x?

does this mean it is connected to the eth in some way?

anyone know why the vet address are similar to the eth? is there some sort of links for that decision? isnt it confusing for both eth and vet users where the address may refer to both blockchains ?

just to make sure, so there is no connection whatsoever for the same address in Eth compared to Vet right?

I have used the vethor wallet on ios for a while now

For those who think that $1 is weird or something. Keep in mind , VET is listed on the new Nasdaq and Bakkt exchanges in the US. Is a top 25 project , before these exchanges go live. Has the legal backing of its countries origins, and has mass adoption all over the place in multiple areas. As an investor, VET will be posted right along side xrp, BTC , and the rest of the announced projects on the initial launch. $1? Spec alone it’s attainable . Now add in a working product, revenue streams within 1 year, and increased supply demand from network usage. Answer is ....who the F knows

I think he is high or something

X node isn’t just about VeThor

Am I supposed to do something because since I've transfered it from Binance where I was generating it I guess, it's not happening now

I can't say when myself, but I would assume that there will be something, some time. BMW Singapore's Leader of IT is speaking at the VeChain Summit, there could be something announced/mentioned there, although I do not know for sure.

Revealing the CREAMethod and its Highly Anticipated Incubation Project, 8Hours Foundation / PlayTable

Vechain is a silent but deadly ETH killer.

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Well he was sitting front row during Sunny's presentation the other day so vets fresh in his mind at least

40M allocated to exactly what he was talking about. That kind of investment and media coverage, could be the start of something truly epic

Any thoughts on whether vechain is planning to release anything new at the summit? I remember the advertising and hype around the bmw partnership and ven to vet transition. I feel like the last few months like they’re quietly brewing something.

So we have something to specualte

Hello Admin, I got a question. I currently have a Vethor x node,if I reach the strenght node (not the x strenght) what will my VTHO rewards be?

hold on 🙂 I have 600k VET and holding a x node, if I get 1M VET, how many VTHO will I generate?

You can Google the VeThor calculator through Google. Then plug in amount on website for exact amount

I wanted to know the difference in %

what I wanted to know, is : with a Vethor X node of 600k VET, going over 1M VET, I will get the benefits from both nodes, correct? The Vethor X node + the strenght node.

what I wanted to know, is : with a Vethor X node of 600k VET, going over 1M VET, I will get the benefits from both nodes, correct? The Vethor X node + the strenght node.

No, they are separate nodes. You will only get the percentage benefits from the Vethor X node, unless you upgrade your node to the strength node, which will destroy your X node.

Hmm will they refill the pool at some intervalls or should we expect our vetho generation to shrink continuusly?

Everyone, Thanks. I understood. VTHO is gus of Ethereum. 👍