It's like metamask for ethereum but not awful.

Safety first😜

Yes my Ethereum was stolen once since then no hot wallets anymore

I'm having difficulty in transfer My Ven from (ethereum Wallet) to Vet (Vechain Thor wallet) I've tried it 10 times without success and the money is being deducted each time I try to send. please, what do I do?

I normally copy Intermediate address from vechain Thor to my ethereum wallet

Thank you, I still don't understand, I should go to the Chinese group to ask.😅

Using ethereum as an example. If an entity/person wants to transfer 1 eth each to 30 individuals then they will need to send 1 eth in 30 separate transactions. This also means paying gas 30 times.For VeChain, you can do it in 1 transaction that has 30 clauses. Total transaction cost also reduces by 20% compared to sending 30 separate transactions.

Here better. ;)Vechain in Argentina

It mentions ethereum and icon

LVMH could work with Quorum blockchain it's private and built on Ethereum.Vechain is better for public and entreprise blockchain

“Code-named AURA, the cryptographic provenance platform is expected to go live in May or June with Louis Vuitton and another LVMH brand, Parfums Christian Dior. It will then be extended to LVMH ‘s other 60-plus luxury brands, and eventually those of its competitors. LVMH has enlisted a full-time blockchain team who have been in stealth mode for over a year, working closely with ethereum design studio ConsenSys and Microsoft Azure, according to two people familiar with the project. AURA has been built using a permissioned version of the ethereum blockchain called Quorum, which is focused on data privacy and was developed by JPMorgan.”

Good luck on scaling on ETH 😬

It doesn't run on ETH. It runs on Quorum. Vechain is also an ethereum fork.

Had a sinilar issue with ethereum tokens on the ethereum app once

KuCoin has mainnet (VeChainThor blockchain) VET. I think you may have withdrawn VET from KuCoin and sent it to your ethereum based wallet that is Trezor

It is recoverable though. You can use this guide which shows you how to recover VeChain mainnet tokens sent to an ethereum address.
Vuong Kute

I sent VTHO to my ethereum wallet. Some admin gave me instruction "How to recover VET sent to an Ethereum wallet"But there used old version of myetherwallet and looks like new version dont have an option for download the Keystore file

Vet is a token, with its own chain. It is a platform in the same way ethereum is. Ethereum has erc-20 coins that are “smelted” on the ethereum blockchain and Vechain has VIP-180 equivalent. So, other created coins on the vechain blockchain such as Oceanex (OCE), Sage Haven (SHA), Plair (PLA) etc are VIP-180 tokens.

So it was already blockchain based before

Vechain is a little more specialized than Ethereum for user adoption. You don't want the players to have to deal with Ethereum chain congestion, gas cost annoyances and no way to scale.

Everyone, Thanks. I understood. VTHO is gus of Ethereum. 👍