So is vechain x lvmh dead?

Nothing is confirmed from anyone, even if lvmh is going along with their own im sure that wont bring Vechain to a stand still. Personally I invested in Vechain if you want to invest in lvmh they can be found on the stock market.

Wtc specialise in making chips, community drafted whitepapers and planning mainnets and they’re good at it. VeChain specialises in doing stuff.

Ha ok, so there isn't many people who support both projects? One over the other type thing. Was looking to invest a good amount and not sure if its better to split between both or not. They both seems to be leaders in their segment.. but suppose asking each in their respective chats will get a similar response.

With OCE out of the way, time to reconsider my alt-investments. Other than more VET, which do you guys like more? PLA or SHA?

Just for fun I checked out vet on wallet investor. What the hell is with their price prediction chart? They on crack

Just for fun I checked out vet on wallet investor. What the hell is with their price prediction chart? They on crack

Yea a lot of good projects are considered a bad investment on their site I don’t even take those predictions seriously

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Your buddy Justin is a scam artist and he got you bad

Bro I am a 20 year successful investor mostly in btc only 1% in trx. No one has me bad lol. I would say something but would go against entire group. Maximalism though is idiocy

From an investment perspective/metaphor, VET is the cow and VTHO is the milk.

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can vet go 400 sat?

Absolutely. For sure. Just a matter of time. The transactions on the main net are increasing exponentially at the moment, which means daily usage / burn of all VTHO generated on a daily basis is not too far away (could be 3, 6 months or longer). At that time VTHO price will also increasing, making ownership of VET more lucrative and attractive additional interest and investors. It’s a virtuous cycle.

It also depends, on how much you invested

I don’t want to make any misleading but We need more time to investigate and make proper statement. Before that, please don’t speculate anything.

I wonder what is there to investigate...

More time to investigate, who drop the information or something like that?

Investegate means that vexhain dont know anything why is there an investigation

Bought a bag of amb

Sunny said he is investigating this matter. What do you think that means. Wake up man

I don’t want to make any misleading but We need more time to investigate and make proper statement. Before that, please don’t speculate anything.

It means Sunny was not prepared to make any formal comment until the full circumstances of the rumours are investigated
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I want to increase my sunnies

I try to increase them by investing in most promising vet projects. Then flip them back to real sunnys

Hey Modwrn Investor

Vechain approved for investing in China ?

i C
Is it true?
Something like that:
Saw this?

I cant wait for outside investment from outside companies. Vechain is more than just a start up crypto project. Its going places and taking us with us. 🚀🚀🚀

Its getting recognised by the right people. Forget these silly crypto investors

Is Vet the main one to have as far as on an Investment mind set or is VThor where I should focus my Investing into VeChain? Thks

Do any of you feel the xnode is worth the investment? I’m all in with vechain and have been prior to the vet transition, and hated missing out on an xnode when they first came out but it just feels like there’s not a great incentive now to justify spending thousands of dollars. I could be wrong but just looking for opinions

This is my personal experience however and not investment advice for yourself!

Could be heavily invested in tron, being nervous af relying on success of just spin the wheel gambling dapps transactions and bittorrents

Crypto is not like those traditional fixed deposit where you can invest your money in and forget about it

For those who think that $1 is weird or something. Keep in mind , VET is listed on the new Nasdaq and Bakkt exchanges in the US. Is a top 25 project , before these exchanges go live. Has the legal backing of its countries origins, and has mass adoption all over the place in multiple areas. As an investor, VET will be posted right along side xrp, BTC , and the rest of the announced projects on the initial launch. $1? Spec alone it’s attainable . Now add in a working product, revenue streams within 1 year, and increased supply demand from network usage. Answer is ....who the F knows

Thats a good question. What if people dont use the qr codes

It's not about people scanning barcodes. Do you really think business would invest millions so people can scan their bar codes. Fuck no. It's about getting big data in a sharable , tamperproof environment. Imo looking at vechain from the end user perspective is the wrong way if your trying to determine the value add

Guys, what is the relationship between 8 hours foundation and vechain. I know vechain has invested in playtable and they have sunny as an advisor?

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Well he was sitting front row during Sunny's presentation the other day so vets fresh in his mind at least

40M allocated to exactly what he was talking about. That kind of investment and media coverage, could be the start of something truly epic

If youtube is where u find info about ur investment then ur gonna Get rekt anyway