Plair is now featured on CoinMarketCap

if you want to ask coinmarketcap do let us know their answer

Anybody know the marketcap of tic right now?

Crypto Christ 69
It's up 12% hardly a moon
Yes true is

yeaa. ill pass i dont see it on coinmarketcap
Avon Barksdale
is there an unlimited supply of vtho? is it constantly being printed?

Instead of asking whether supply is unlimited or not better asking what is current marketcap. And then ask yourself. Is it enough for mass adoption?Btw ETH supply is unlimited as well..

If we believe of vechain mass adoption the current marketcap of VTHO 4-5m usd is a joke. An itchy finger can easily swallow all available VTHO in the market and cause instability. BYD alone worth 21B usd as of June 2018.

total supply vechain???

Why you are not update supply and marketcap for vtho on cmc?

VTHO marketcap not available yet?

We still wouldn’t burn the daily created vethor, never mind making a dent in the outstanding 9 billion

So far after mainnet we burned 0.9% vtho from the total supply, it’s not bad already as lots of partners are still doing POC.In comparison binance burn 0.8% BNB from its total supply in last 2 quarters.And look at the price of BNB.. I think we are somehow misguided to count the number of Vtho in circulation instead of the value of vtho in circulation. Fabian did a good job updating the to include vtho marketcap. It’s only worth 5.7m usd now, this is like another ICO opportunity who missed VEN in 2017. Vtho is the fuel that power the vechain network. If you believe in VET partnerships PWC DNVGL BYD Bright code PICC. This 5.7m usd marketcap wont stay .. it has to be worth much more... else it is way too small.. it’s like trying to put a whale in a pond.. it’s not going to work..

The ever increasing supply of vethor at an impossible ratio

I posted article about Vtho in below link. You can see yourself that if we focus on value the current vtho marketcap is still not enough to support the coming adoption.

To bad that the supply is umlimited..

It’s nod bad.. ETH also unlimited and look at the marketcap

VTHO is around 7mio marketcap?

No rating for Vechain on coinmarketcap? Why?

Looks like the circulating supply is now a bit over 60B. How do we get coinmarketcap to update that?

What I don't understand is that all the partnerships is not really reflecting the price . If massive companies like Renault or haier or whoever they partnered with doesn't drive the price up then there must be something fishy. Thousands of employees will know that their company partnered with vechain. So if vechain really solves a problem or is groundbreaking then usually people jump on that ship .The current marketcap is a joke considering the partnership's vechain has ?Thoughts ???

Rekt (dont pm me)

Price is not the same as coinmarketcap

A O.
Whetr to buy vet?

Yeah, don't know exactly what's going to happen with the swap, there might be a huge ass wall on 1 sat.. who knows but I think there is a certain hype around the project that's interesting and certainly since it's only around 1 mil marketcap.. so let's see how this thing plays out

Somebody know tell me why ath vet is not um coinmarketcap?
Uranium Ali
Any specific reason?

And there is only 22 potential “Legacy” nodes for SHA, already extremely rare even with it’s current marketcap. The difference between the masternodes with VET is that we are buying them in the bear market, it has a high chance of appreciating in price and more valueable generating coins. This is also one of the many reasons why im bullish on the project

Hey guys. Have some questions about VTHO. What events will affect the rise of VTHO. What kind of activity or marketcap will it take to see VTHO at 0.01

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AND now we know. Btc pump was fake, marketcap dumping