John Smith
Is there a new roadmap for 2019? Also I haven't been here in a while why is the price so low?

You know supply was raised by 100x and price divided by 100x right? Other than that, bear markets hurt every crypto.

Aung Aung
how to buy?

imagine to be a millionair but have pain 24/7 not from bear markets but from your bones

I work as an analyst in the credit markets and supply chain needs an overhaul....presenting VeChain to revolutionise lol

I would say the comparison is that VeChain altogether has a broader spectrum of marketability and concepts to a variety of different markets spanning across the Globe 🌍 Strategic Partnerships are key just not regular partnerships just because IBM has Walmart doesn’t mean much because Walmart themselves have a competitive themselves
Romeo Lee
Nobody stopping you from selling your x node. Just because market is down you’re blaming others what if we’re in a bull run? Would you thank them for locking your fund in x node? Come on dude the bear market is affecting every holders. Just accept the fact and move on.

X node markets would have happened either way, VeChain just took the initiatve to make a trusted one before scams took advantage of people. It's the Safe Haven solution for pooling VET nodes all over again. Would have happened either way, but now people won't get scammed by bad actors

Nagesh ||
No sir.... vechain's team need to initiate the talk. Why they care, so many companies are after them.

If you know a company looking for VTHO and struggling to acquire on existing markets please let me know

People are only slinging them around for that cheap because the markets been knackered

it's in the VeChain Ecosystem 🙂

so the price discussion about price/markets will be at oceanex is that it?

Rekt (dont pm me)
A O.
Whetr to buy vet?
Sums Phoenix
We don’t want a 2017 December if its followed by Jan 18 - march 19 and continued all over again right?

Unfortunately this is the cycle of markets, this has and will continue to happen depending on the fundamentals of all markets (especially because digital marketplace is becoming so widespread, with ease of access for novice traders), so this will indeed happen again, and again.. and again.

Crypto Christ 69
There's no sources

Cryptocurrencies will be based on a blockchain, but not everything that exists on a blockchain is made to be a currency (in the same way we might think of bitcoin or lite coin). Through various cross-chain technology and exchange markets however, it is easy to exchange one token for another.

Is it possible?

Check coingecko search vtho and then look at its markets , but u can save them to pay fees on the network