Is it like neo or eth ecosystem?

Neo is picky and eth anyone can build

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Generating VTHO is not the ONLY purpose of VET, it is also used for value transfer inside the ecosystem.

Right but without vthor demand that outpaces supply, vet value will drop and you would simply just send more vet at that point and still execute a transfer of value. It’s like having a supply of billions of gas for the neo platform, price would plummet overnight

Neo open decentralize exchange

ok is it like NEO/GAS?

and you may find it's quite different to something like Neo's GAS which you may be more familiar with

when you create a wallet you are instructed to write down and safety store your recovery seed / mneomonic phrase

which puts legal pressure on the creators I imagine

There are dapps on O3 wallet which makes NEO to GAS and vice versa conversion very easy

each VET generates 0.000432 VTHO per day

Does it generate if held on a ledger nano like neo?

who knows though, they listed gas. vet seems allot more popular than neo these days.
Check out @_DiNeocleous’s Tweet:
So VET only exists to produce VTHO?

Why is that confusing? How do you think ontology, neo and many other cryptos work?

Im not invested in any of them.. so, please tell me how they work

They are same, ontology produce ontology gas, neo produces gas and so on. It's a fairly well recognised model. Read the white paper and you'll get all the information.

Dave K
And any organisation that want to create transactions on the blockchain will need to pay for the transaction processing using VTHO...

And I cant buy VTHOR directly instead of holding VET? There is no value transfer then? I read a little about NEO and GAS, but I dont get the system as a whole.. why cant I use VET as VTHOR? Do we need 2 tokens?

NEOS is green so that is like cash so people think its better

Did Binance distribute Vtho this month already?

Binance has completed the distribution of all GAS, ONG, VTHO and NPXS for the month of March 2019. NEO, ONT, VET and NPXS holders