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Great partnership news with Haier :) @SunnyluV

Recent news for new joiners

as dodgy as the AMB news looks it’s not getting categorically denied

Chinese regulator keurt eerste 197 Blockchain-bedrijven goed, inclusief VeChain
One more announcement from VeChain.

news from the sky nobody knows what happend

Breaking news vechain just bought Apple

Sumny saying fake news

Any news about the ambrosus stuff?

will wait for official news

u guys seen this, VeChain on the list:
One more announcement from VeChain.
Check out what's been going on with Safe Haven!Pre-order the SafeKey FIDO 2 now: Haven Infographic: News:- Safe Haven Inheritance Platform (SHIP) v1.0- Introducing SafeWallet: New Web Wallet Interface- Safe Haven Node App, Snapshot Date and Node Activation- Safe Haven presents the Trust Alliance Network!- Safe Haven welcomes Gary Sumner, our new Strategic Planning Advisor- SHA/BTC and SHA/XRP pairs on Bitrue!- SafeKey FIDO 2 now available!- Safe Haven partners with Coinbene exchange- Introducing ThorBlock API Integration- Safe Haven AMA- Safe Masternodes Program- Introducing ThorPayLatest articles:- #VefamNL Slack AMA with Safe Haven's CEO Logino Dujardin- Safe Haven (SHA) research report by SharkCIA- Emberworks: Safe Haven Masternodes - Stabilizing the ecosystem- Emberworks: ThorPay - Making contract-based distribution simple- Safe Haven (SHA) - The most promising project in the VeChain ecosystem?- Recap of the interview between MacMac and Safe Haven's CEO- Emberworks: Safe Haven - Setting the exampleTweet of the week:Safe Haven Masternode Status report by Tim and JeremyReddit post of the week:SHA is now listed on CoinMarketCapTrading:- Bitrue SHA/BTC- Bitrue SHA/XRP- OceanEx SHA/VET- OceanEx SHA/BTC- LATOKEN SHA/ETH - LATOKEN SHA/BTC

Is there any good news coming or rumours in the next few days/weeks?

Admin what is new news

What big news today.

Gui’an new city and vechain, is this still in the works? We get so much news about great new partnerships, often times the old ones are forgotten or not mentioned anymore Anyone have info on gui’an and vechain partnership from 2018?

If you follow the news of vechain

Dragon Slayer
Im sure there will be, Vechain is always transparent if there isnt a NDA involved.

2 weeks until the summit , no news I think it wont happen :(I hope I am wrong .

What is the next news? Summit?

If the bull run is just in the end of next year or beginning of 2020. I would multiply the price of the end of this year by 10 or 20 if vechain project has really good news

Rt lol who plays a news channel lmao

Any big news coming up? Isn’t there a conference in a week or so

Seems super scammy

why do you say so? is it because of the news we've been hearing about them?

Rafael Martinez
Other public info to substantiate this news?
Ramon Cruz
Thats good or bad news?

well bad news for the ex-owners... good news for the rest of hte x-node holders as the scarcity goes up again

Hi does vechain is partnership with BMW?

Hey guys any upcoming news?

IBM Patents Blockchain Implementation to Manage Data For Autonomous Vehiclesvia @blockfolio

VeChain [VET]VeChain, DNV GL and Norway in a Box Implement a Superior Norwegian Product Platform Providing Product [email protected]

😎🤩🤩🤩amazing news coming out of Norway and Italy this is crazy 🥳🥳🥳🥳