create a wallet on your phone and follow the token swap stepsstart with a test by sending to the INTERMEDIARY ADDRESS eg. 1 VEN - in approx 24 hours you should see 100 VET in your walletThen transfer the rest to the same adddress

Could be off course end of 2020 who knows, but thats approximate timeline.

I found that calculator and seems to give an aproximate, don't know if it's correct

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What was ico price?

Approx 7 or 8 cents I think before the split

how much have nodes been going for approximately?

Can someone please tell me how much the lowest x node costs approx? If I want to buy one I want an idea of what they went for about?

ico was approximately $0.0007 -$0.0008 if you take in the 100 split done during mainnet.

So I calculated that if I own 1,000,000 VET, the yearly reward in VTHO is approx. 2.5%

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Last year was swap split and blockchain

I know. But 1,000,000 VET is approx. $ 4,000 now. And it will generate approx. $ 100 for VTHO tokens.

As of June 30th 2018, VeChain sucessfully launched their mainnet known as the VeChainThor Blockchain. The previous ERC-20 token known as ‘VEN’ was swapped to the native VeChainThor token (VIP-180) now known as ‘VET’. VEN is no longer used.The token swap also included a token split at a ratio of 1:100. This means, for every 1 VEN token you had, once swapped, you would have been credited 100 new VET tokens. Eg. If you previously had 1,000 ERC-20 VEN tokens, after the swap/split you would have been credited 100,000 VET.The total supply increased to 86,712,634,466 VET which also saw the price divide by 100 but it’s very important to note that the supply ratio and market cap stayed the same so your total fiat value pre and post split remained the same. If you are still holding ERC-20 VEN, you can still use the ‘Token Swap Service’ found within the official VeChainThor mobile wallet.By staking (storing) your VET in the official wallet after the token swap, you will generate the secondary gas token known as VeThor (VTHO). VTHO generates at the current base rate of 0.000432 per VET token, per 100,000 VET (post split) x 0.000432 (base generation rate) = 43.2 VeThor per day.Economic and X Nodes also receive additional VTHO rewards from dedicated pools of VET.

So, right now 100,000 vet costs approximately $400. That would generate 43.2 Vtho a day, current market value of $0.015 (appx). So it would take 26,666 days (73 years) to generate enough new value to cover the initial investment. All I’m trying to say is buy Vtho you fools. If the point of VET is to generate Vtho just save yourself a few decades and stock the fuck up.

im being super approximate here, but it seems like for $12,000 you can buy all the vtho created by all the vet in 24h. Thats pretty low for a +$200million asset.

Guys does anyone know an approximate price for vechain NFC sticker chip?

If someone had 1.3 million Vet, would you recommend a strength node of buying an X node and having approx 700000 vet. The person believes that Vet will prevail.

Plus approx 6000 Vtho/week reward which is 312k per year.Add that to the generation rate that’s 1.195M Vtho per year

Yes 100 apps aprox at same time

approx 1 ETH = 300,000 VET

So nothing gets done for aprox 24 days before CNY too

Are there vechain proxy/hosted nodes that I can use to check out the APIs? Or do I have to run my own node?

The bonus rate runs out, not the base rate. It went down approx 10% last month

Trading at approx .6 vet

Hi everyone! I’ve been trying to swap my VEN to VET but it seems my 0.01 VEN for binding is still not recognized after an aprox. 17 hours wait. What do I do now?

I am in to vechain for aprox the next 5 years to come.hope it will be rock solid