Eli G
I made the decision to put in over $60,000 (this is not a small amount of money!!) based on information that was later proven to be false. If that information was different I might have done something different with my money. It's not a small thing for a company to change their mind like this just a few months later.

Firstly - if the price was 1$ now, you wouldn't have this complaint.Secondly - VeChain said no new X nodes can be obtained, which is technically true, no new X nodes can be created. The node market is just a place to exchange nodes between users in a decentralized manner

Hi I need tech support. - I am eligible for a strength Node but I store my funds on the Ledger. How do I get it?

I start doubting about the Vechain Technology

I email the team. The company who I work for, it’s looking to implementing a Blockchain technology to help us with the product traceability

If the technology is really running and working..

Ah. Ok. You cannot buy or rent the existing technology?

What 'technology' are you actually referring to?

Johnny Knoxfield
Come on man..

Friendly, but i've never heard anyone suggest to rent vechain's technology

Johnny Knoxfield
Come on man..

but what technology are you trying to buy from vechain?

Johnny Knoxfield
If the technology is really running and working..
Johnny Knoxfield
Ah. Ok. You cannot buy or rent the existing technology?
The tech is definitely running and working and you can verify for yourself today:

Wow a bit complicated. We are not so technical

but vechain as a company and technology are very real and up an running, at least by all means that we can measure

So I dont just want to invest in vechain I want to use the tech on my farm

Not to mention the immense technical know how and application of a nascent technology.

“Stepping back, LVMH controls over 60 luxury brands including many well-known names like Dior, Dom Pérignon and Hublot. The group reported revenues of $53 billion in 2018. But it’s not the first to propose an authenticity-tracking blockchain; there have been other luxury provenance platforms and mini consortia, such as Arianee or Vechain.According to the source involved in the project, LVMH questioned why it would allow third parties to position themselves between its brands and their partners – especially since blockchain is supposed to be a technology for eliminating intermediaries. “

Seems many of you are very interested in VTHO usage, so I'd highly recommend reading it even if you're not fully familiar with the technology.

Using blockchain technology to tell the story of every product - DNV GL

Sounds like a bad joke the fact that I used to work as tech support few years back :P

Peter Christian Schofield
really? wow good thing for vechaiin 👌🚀im pretty sure that the teams and developers behind vechain we're good too.

Vechain is the only crypto that is actually doing something and they are years ahead in partnerships, marketing and technology over the rest of the market

Using blockchain technology to tell the story of every product - DNV GL
that’s pretty awesome

Can you explain for someone not so techy... 🙄

Numerous world-class enterprises are now operating on Haier IoC platform empowered by VeChainThor Blockchain, IoT technology, and MyStory™, thus integrating the network of farmlands, factories, stores, and consumers seamlessly, expanding blockchain adoption to industries such as clothing, household textile, laundry, printing and dyeing, and the Internet of Clothing. On top of that, by deploying the carbon efficient model, Haier has, for a second time, given full play to its strength and further promoted a greener lifestyle.

Cryptocurrencies will be based on a blockchain, but not everything that exists on a blockchain is made to be a currency (in the same way we might think of bitcoin or lite coin). Through various cross-chain technology and exchange markets however, it is easy to exchange one token for another.

Gyan Mainali
No worries but in short is it a coin or a token or and contract or...

Whereas a contract (usually a smart contract) is something that will be created and executed on a blockchain. A smart contract is just like any other contract .. there will be a seller/owner and a buyer .. when specific conditions of the contract are met, the contract will be executed and the exchange will be completed automatically. It’s this technology that is thought to revolutionise industries such as insurance in the near future.

Hero Saitama 👊🏻✔️
Yup been around for 3 years only heard now about it 😂

Quite a few of us have known about vechain for quite a while. As soon as i properly understood what vechain was doing and the protocols and technology it was developing I sold my other alt coins and went “all in” on vechain.

Mutation VeChain GmbH, bisher Ambrosus Technologies GmbH, Zug

It seems all legit. Vechain has taken over😝

They actually using vechain tech?

"Status Pending application"

Pending or not it doesn't matter. In this case VeChain trademark is already protected. You simply can not use it for any bussines if you don't have any permition or agreement with real Vechain Shanghai Weilian Information Technology.Anyway, even if it is pending, that already protects the trademark even if the statuss is still- Pending application.

End user will use blockchain tech and probably wont even know it. Like Sunny said. 💪

fatalexe (i wont PM first)

A third party emphasising Vechains Tech. 😍

Tech in play table seems a bit dated haha

Tech is using the latest blockchain technology, about its dated.

Yeah bro welcome to the future of blocktech

2 weeks until the summit , no news I think it wont happen :(I hope I am wrong .

I think it will, its Vechains chance to showcase its tech to the world. If its not live then im still sure all the juicies will be published.

I don’t get the BMW startup model?Surely the Vechain tech should be built into the car seamlessly so the users have no idea about the blockchain or Dapp. It’s not what my grandpa needs to know when he buys a car. All he will want to know is if the car legit and the mileage is right and what services the car has had etc, etc. Looks like a Vechain/ BMW franchise to me. Where’s the real world model to integrate the tech

ErisX sorry . The Nasdaq tech is behind 7 exchanges currently

VECAP - Next Generation of Smart House👉🏻 Website -👉🏻 Telegram group - @vecap👉🏻 Twitter -👉🏻 Medium -📍 Youtube Promo - is an ambitious and very simple project that ensures the security of a smart home network thanks to innovative blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Every action carried out on the Vecap platform will be recorded in an immutable and virtually invulnerable database – in order to crack it, the hacker would need to get administrator access to 51% of individual devices, which becomes absolutely impossible as the project spreads around the world. Vecap combines all smart homes into a single decentralized network and protects their data from intruders. The platform uses an innovative security standard that is independent from the built-in security features. Thus, thanks to Vecap, hackers will no longer be able to penetrate the smart home data network and violate their privacy as they will no longer depend on a group of disparate storage devices on a company's vulnerable server. At the same time, Vecap will be able to make your data network not only safer, but also much faster and more efficient.

Does anyone knows how is going this partnership: