tor ready guys because a Vechain storm is coming

HelloI have a question please ?Is it better to store my Bag on Trustwallet or on the VeChainThor app on iOS ?

Is that BeChainThor wallet safe!? I mean just as safe as a ledger nano s?

Storing ur coins offline is the safest way but the wallet are also safe. I am using the wallet Even tough i have a ledger👍

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Also try vechainstats vtho calculator. It’s pretty accurate👍.

hold on 🙂 I have 600k VET and holding a x node, if I get 1M VET, how many VTHO will I generate?

You can Google the VeThor calculator through Google. Then plug in amount on website for exact amount

Hi everyone. I would to ask one thing related with trademarks and registrations. Can VeChain use their products for example in Italy with My Story if "VeChain" trademark is not registered in Europe?