Does anyone knows how is going this partnership:

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Imo it will be worth more in the future for now I'd rather have the 400k tokens it costs to buy one (recently sold mine )

Could make sense but if it goes up In value later won’t you just have to spend more valuable vet to buy it back?

And another use case, boom!

Check out @vechainitalia’s Tweet:

Can you guys feel it? All of these partnerships....all of these INSANE use cases.... I know everyone here likes VET and so this is only rhetorical but is there ANY other project that even comes CLOSE to vechain? AT ALL?? No.

They are involved in a consultancy way with Cyprus

ITALY AND NORWAY it's a strategic partnership with real use case😂👍

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HelloI have a question please ?Is it better to store my Bag on Trustwallet or on the VeChainThor app on iOS ?

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vet or bag bro?

Thanks for your reply I mean I bought VET on binance, and I want to withdraw them in a safe Wallet, I already have trustwallet but I just downloaded VeChainThor Wallet app on mobile Want to know where is the best to hodl

Don’t care about the short term pump, long term. But I have no idea what their plans are just heard about it

Only reason I’m asking is because there isn’t much info online or on YouTube about Oceanex

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vechain wallet bro 💪💪💪

Is that BeChainThor wallet safe!? I mean just as safe as a ledger nano s?

Is that BeChainThor wallet safe!? I mean just as safe as a ledger nano s?

Storing ur coins offline is the safest way but the wallet are also safe. I am using the wallet Even tough i have a ledger👍

Im using it since many days

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VeChain community - get voting and bring home the win!
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If its not a ERC20 token, and you knowingly moved to a ERC20 wallet, then you will lose your coins.

your not reading are you? I HAVE NOT TRANSFERED!!! Read! I just asked a question and its been moved from Biance to Atomic.

Just want the team on top of it in case they try any further funny business

Hmm will they refill the pool at some intervalls or should we expect our vetho generation to shrink continuusly?

Everyone, Thanks. I understood. VTHO is gus of Ethereum. 👍

Hi everyone. I would to ask one thing related with trademarks and registrations. Can VeChain use their products for example in Italy with My Story if "VeChain" trademark is not registered in Europe?

I ask this because today came out the partnership with Norway in a box and that is actually in Norway where the trademark of VeChain is registered while in EU that is not the case yet.