Fingerprint stopped working on vethor wallet for meI think there's a bug that when you reconfiger fingerprints on phone it stops working for the vathor mobile wallet

This is a question for everyone.. What is your realistic price prediction for VeChain during this next bull run?

Multiply annual dollar value of transactions by 50-100 for total network value. Divide by 80 billion

Just says working hand in hand to build a Dapp. Nothing built yet and what’s to say BMW won’t dump them and build there own system with Microsoft or Amazon

“Inside the MATRIX — #3: MATRIX and The Belt and Road.” by Matrix AI Network
Why would vechain buy origin trail

OT is live on Oracle. OT is working with the oldest standard body BSI. Biggest poultry is using OT. It sounds ignorance to call it scam.

Is it possible?

Check coingecko search vtho and then look at its markets , but u can save them to pay fees on the network

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Hello guys;;; I am trying to send VET from my Ledger Nano S to Binance... but the errormessage is; There was an error while signing, please try again.

I've had this happen with other coins.. Try uninstall of vet app on Ledger then reinstall. If that doesn't work just give it some time.

For those who think that $1 is weird or something. Keep in mind , VET is listed on the new Nasdaq and Bakkt exchanges in the US. Is a top 25 project , before these exchanges go live. Has the legal backing of its countries origins, and has mass adoption all over the place in multiple areas. As an investor, VET will be posted right along side xrp, BTC , and the rest of the announced projects on the initial launch. $1? Spec alone it’s attainable . Now add in a working product, revenue streams within 1 year, and increased supply demand from network usage. Answer is ....who the F knows

Withdrawaing vet from Veforge never works... it always says I denied signing the withdrawal but I didn’t, I accepted it. Does anyone know what the issue is?

Hi does vechain is partnership with BMW?

BMW and VeChain worked on the VerifyCar app that BMW announced at their HQ in Munich on the 14 of Feb

Just go! It's the first VeChain summit, how many times does that occur? At any rate, I'll try to make pictures. 😄

I wish. But I don't have that much money for that and vacation to take from work at the moment. But the weather in San Francisco sounds great :)

VECAP - Next Generation of Smart House👉🏻 Website -👉🏻 Telegram group - @vecap👉🏻 Twitter -👉🏻 Medium -📍 Youtube Promo - is an ambitious and very simple project that ensures the security of a smart home network thanks to innovative blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Every action carried out on the Vecap platform will be recorded in an immutable and virtually invulnerable database – in order to crack it, the hacker would need to get administrator access to 51% of individual devices, which becomes absolutely impossible as the project spreads around the world. Vecap combines all smart homes into a single decentralized network and protects their data from intruders. The platform uses an innovative security standard that is independent from the built-in security features. Thus, thanks to Vecap, hackers will no longer be able to penetrate the smart home data network and violate their privacy as they will no longer depend on a group of disparate storage devices on a company's vulnerable server. At the same time, Vecap will be able to make your data network not only safer, but also much faster and more efficient.