Ah ok thx u for the explanation so everything is correct and never lost if I don’t pay attention to the app then! I just want to make sure as I’m without internet for many days sometime for work

app on my ledger yes, it works fine until I sign transaction on my ledger, the I got the error

No i mean the Ledger Live desktop application. Vault wont work if you have the Ledger Live app open

Opera works for me.

Najjachi Smo
Try with Opera or Brave.

thanks, I will try opera, Brave and Chrome dont work
So VET only exists to produce VTHO?

Why is that confusing? How do you think ontology, neo and many other cryptos work?

Derivitive Joe
Vet isn’t a currency

Then what is it? If VTHOR supplies the network, VET should be the currency? Else what is it.. good question

They’re working on it at the moment. They will be doing an alpha rolling release whilst it’s being worked on. Pat popped into Tg a while back to say “it’s coming”. Really should be very, very soon!

How would an AMB "purchase" even work, practically speaking? What would happen to AMB's token?

Sid Mofya, COO and Director at the Draper Venture Network, Featured at the 2019 VeChain Summit
Sid Mofya, COO and Director at the Draper Venture Network, Featured at the 2019 VeChain Summit

They work with givenchy, I believe

VeChain has been working with Givenchy for almost 3 years. And Givenchy is part of LVMH. That’s the fact.

@SunnyluV patiently waiting on our crypto rewards card so we can load up thor :) if its jn the works

btw - I devloped Verify 😄

Sunil? Awesome work. I checked out your dapp as well.

Sunny, you are a class act keep up the good work!

Sleep as fast as you work sunny

@sunny thx for the great work

Scorpz 🇳🇱
Let’s not go after the community

Nobody said anything about their community. I mean the people who work for amb

Thats not how the laws work at all.

Thats not how the laws work at all.

For getting trademark granted is more important to have legal entity and business working

It was a nice scamy attempt but wont work

Who knows if it works or not, I am not lawyer or trademark expert. Just my guess

Every day I wake up and go to work

Alright I will look into it

Nice. Inheritance wallets on and off exchanges must hold SHA tokens. Same with anyone using Thorblock for pooling, charity, and most importantly NTIs in my opinion. Then there's Thorpay, the TAN network, all requiring the use if SHA tokens. I think the amount of locking and coin usage will be huge.

I’m only in Plair now from the VeChain ICO’s

Plair is working with SHA so they will help each other. That's the beauty of the VET fam.

Check out what's been going on with Safe Haven!Pre-order the SafeKey FIDO 2 now: Haven Infographic: News:- Safe Haven Inheritance Platform (SHIP) v1.0- Introducing SafeWallet: New Web Wallet Interface- Safe Haven Node App, Snapshot Date and Node Activation- Safe Haven presents the Trust Alliance Network!- Safe Haven welcomes Gary Sumner, our new Strategic Planning Advisor- SHA/BTC and SHA/XRP pairs on Bitrue!- SafeKey FIDO 2 now available!- Safe Haven partners with Coinbene exchange- Introducing ThorBlock API Integration- Safe Haven AMA- Safe Masternodes Program- Introducing ThorPayLatest articles:- #VefamNL Slack AMA with Safe Haven's CEO Logino Dujardin- Safe Haven (SHA) research report by SharkCIA- Emberworks: Safe Haven Masternodes - Stabilizing the ecosystem- Emberworks: ThorPay - Making contract-based distribution simple- Safe Haven (SHA) - The most promising project in the VeChain ecosystem?- Recap of the interview between MacMac and Safe Haven's CEO- Emberworks: Safe Haven - Setting the exampleTweet of the week:Safe Haven Masternode Status report by Tim and JeremyReddit post of the week:SHA is now listed on CoinMarketCapTrading:- Bitrue SHA/BTC- Bitrue SHA/XRP- OceanEx SHA/VET- OceanEx SHA/BTC- LATOKEN SHA/ETH - LATOKEN SHA/BTC

How do node tokens work exactly? Lets say you have 2m vet abd running a STR node. If you buy a STR x node token, do you then keep 2 node tokens? Can you also have ie a vethor x node AND a STR x node token on 1 address?

What ever Tableplay choose as hardware thats for them to decide. Vechain is working on the blockchain side of things

And all the work they are doing

''' What ever Tableplay choose as hardware thats for them to decide. Vechain is working on the blockchain side of things """

Gui’an new city and vechain, is this still in the works? We get so much news about great new partnerships, often times the old ones are forgotten or not mentioned anymore Anyone have info on gui’an and vechain partnership from 2018?

Bmw is currently working on Dapp likewise Givenchy etc

If I had the connection with pro Devs my project would already in working platform

Dragon Slayer
India is known for Devs dont be silly

Not for good devs 🤣. They pretend to be devs. Best devs are from Ukrain. I worked many years as a dev recruiter in the Netherlands.

how that works @bsc_44