so thats like midday tueasday europen time

i set some low buy orders, lets hope :)

whales might try to manipulate price.. saw for walton, after mn announcement, from 80k they dropped down the price 48k, without any selling pressure at all, i thought to myself, how stupdi is the average binancian

then realised, it was done to accumulate

dont worry, ven will come back even stronger :)

that bullish? wow.. u know something from the inside? :) masternodes are for sure btw?

no, its whales giving to weak hands

spred the wrod about ven guys, let everyone know

it says listing on a major excchange in december, when they said it, binance had 5th biggest volume, so it must be bitfinex, bithum or bittrex

lot of new members hjoining, nice :)

profit takers, please proceed to wtc :) next one to moon again