3 Members, ay? That's a pretty small group J

In anyone is around: Is there a description of how to stake? I store my VET on myetherwallet secured by trezor. Will that work to earn tokens?

Is there a Wallet for VeChain?

I got them in myetyerwallet, secured by trezor

What happend to the other group

Not receiving any messsages

is this the official chat?

who do i send my private key for the token sale

I suppose you are joking 😉

This is the exile group

Let’s get it started

We should reform ourselves and create a less toxic vechain community

I take it gdax doesn't list any alt coins? A big institutional futures trading platform announced they were going to bolt into it today. The spoofing in the futures markets which is now banned under dodd frank I presume will be 'allowed' on such exchanges. Anyway should get volumes up across the board lots of bored prop futures traders in the low volatility.

Be good to get some players up against the ven walls

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Hi VeChain community, VeChain project has been added to the review platform called Revain and some users are already sharing their feedback. Let the public know your opinion on the project, if you are interested in it. https://dashboard.revain.org/vechain

I wrote an article about VEN and the rebrand that is going to happen soon. Go check it out, and leave some feedback if you like!

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so whats good with VECHAIN

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