lastly is BINANCE a supporter of the swap

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Hello! Does somebady know difference between VET and VEN ? I will be grateful for your help!

Vet is the new token ven was what vet is now , i cant figure out what VTHO and VET differencve is as I have 0 left ,

they were converted on binance and i havent gotten an answer on what id their is two projects or one now , buyt two big things CHIINEASE telecom partnership for vethor and pharmacy drug tracking in last wk , BIG NEWS

@vetal China was killing people with fake ddrugs , vet or vthor or ven , stepped in and is now able to track these drugs to verify they are freal , u need to get a swap from ven to VET

Here Is Why The Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Delay By The SEC Was Expected And Is Actually A Good Thing

The crypto-verse is a buzz with news of the SEC deciding to postpone their decision on the pending rule change brought about by the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF filing by the three firms of CBOE, VanEck and SolidX. The unfortunate part, is that the crypto markets have since spiraled out of control with the total crypto market capitalization dropping from levels of $254 Billion to current levels of $232 Billion within a period of less than 24 hours. The King of Crypto, also known as Bitcoin (BTC), has declined by 6.15% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $6,564. Ethereum (ETH) has declined by 8.2% in the same time period and trading at $374. XRP has been hit hard by the news and is down 13.77% and trading at $0.35.

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Hey btc is back to 6k USD really sky rocketing

Is there also a official Vechain channel?

Smith Anderson, [15.08.18] [Photo] Smith Anderson, [15.08.18] That's the exact amount of bitcoin now Smith Anderson, [15.08.18] So anyone telling you something out of that probably trying to run with your money Smith Anderson, [15.08.18] If you need bitcoin you go to or Smith Anderson, [15.08.18] But the safest place is coinmama or you find a bitcoin machine installed in your area


How to convert ven to vat ?

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can someone please help me

why dont I have vthor on binance anymore zI did now i just have vet

Hello! Any people from the team here?

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Is it difficult to write a trading bot of your own? If you don't start with the underlying architecture, just focus on the strategy itself, find a good platform, like fmz quant, is it possible to make money?

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Has anyone used the new local client of Fmz quant? Is there no need to deploy docker in the future?

I want to do arbitrage trading. I have seen a lot of trading bots. Most of them I cannot customize by myself. I heard that there is a fmz quant platform that users can write strategies by themselves. Has anyone used it?

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