#Free #this #Synapse #SYN SOURCE Today, next free tokens - quite an interesting project, in particular for free tokens min 50! See it yourself! #SynapseAl Total Supply 1,000,000,000 SYN Country USA Ico already completed: 14/06/2018 website address: Price in Ico 0.045 $ Synapse Al token is a project combining machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Their goal is to give users access to content. Currently, users give their data to companies in exchange for centralized access to applications and services. See Facebook, Google and all other "free". services like these. Never forget that if you do not pay for it, then you are the product. In this case, your data has value for companies. That is why the team responsible for Synapse AI develops the market in which you will be able to share your data.And you'll even get paid for it regardless of whether you are consistently creating data from a device that connects to the media, application or web service. Thanks to its solutions you will be able to choose the data you provide on the artificial intelligence market and receive compensation for it. On the other side of the equation companies will be able to buy your data to grow their business. So of course, they will use this data for marketing purposes: To advertise. But almost all industries are looking for data at all times. Instead of downloading this data for free, your expenses will be needed do not pay! #SYN token The SYN token is the official cryptocurrency Synapse AI.I is an ERC-20 token built with the ethereum smart contract. The project will generate a total of 1,000,000,000 SYN .I tokens. They will be used for all transactions on the market. The SYN cryptocurrency will help ensure a secure exchange between users and their data, services and machine learning models. And users (buyers and sellers), using these Synapse AI tokens, will be able to: - Request, collect, add and share data -Train, confirm and use models (AI) -Contact each other autonomously #Registration: 1. Click 2. We fill in the basic data and confirm the email 3. Log in and you will already be assigned 50 SYN 4. In the wallets tab, enter your Eth address from eg myetherwallet (not from the exchange) and save Good luck

Govt. of India and IIM Lucknow is hosting Blockchain Summit at Noida, India. For building Blockchain ecosystem and Indian crypto policies, global companies are invited to present to ministers. A great chance to penetrate into Indian market

CMA(Cryptomarketads.)— one of the pseudo-demand items in the blockchain
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