For the shopify ecosystem we have designed a version of TAM to be built into the shopify user interface making it seamless across their platform to add their products to vechain for product authenticity and consumer loyalty. We are using the shopify app currently and plan to release it in their marketplace in 30 days.

For shopify, we require they complete their purchase with email so we can reserve the NFT for them. They can have custody of the NFT by sending to a wallet. At this time, we think most will follow the coinbase route and leave their NFTs on the platform. This means we register assets and issue custody if they request.

We also have CP3, which is where you scan, verify and collect real items

The info we store on IPFS is displayed along with links to the block explorer to verify transactions.

We can set you up in a few hours time and you'll be able to add your products to vechain. With a thermal printer we can apply our 2fa QR codes to labels to make it super cost effective. This doesn't require any programming. You make a profile for each product then batch the number you need. Then apply the labels.

Looking forward to this