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Question : I have my wallet pin and 12 word phrase. I'm trying to withdraw from my wallet but my password isnt being recognized anything I can do to fix this?

Should be an option after you hit the wallet

Go to manage wallet, look for change password

Did that put in the phrases but it just created a new wallet with no assets

The log in password is my pin right?

If you created an empty wallet, may have entered the phrases wrong

But if you forgot your password how would u be able to create a new one if its asking for old one lol

It’s asking for your mnemonics, says import on the bottom, if you don’t have current password

Did that but it created new wallet with no assets

Sure you entered it exactly? No caps on first word or anything

Hey guys at 4450 x NODES what happens ... I read 1 more x node until 4450... any importance?

well that means there will no longer be 4451+ nodes, if that counts

Is there a way to withdraw from your wallet and not have to use your password?

My friend can access his wallet with pin but lost his password and phrases so he cant withdraw he pretty much screwed?

if he's lost his phrases yeah he better find them or he won't be able to do much

if he can remember the password he set, he could send his VET to a new wallet he can create.

If he can find his 12 word phrase, he can just import the wallet into any other device

Yea hes trying to remember

other than that, nothing

Poor guy.. stay safe keep your keys safely

Yea I feel bad but with how I hold my coins I'm very suprised he was that careless with it

I keep mine in a safe on a tablet with virus protection that I only use for my wallets also keep every password in a binder I tell him all the time dont get jt

pretty safe precautions there

basically same here except "tablet" is an ipod for me, and "binder" = loose papers held down under gold/silver bars

no robber is going to open up a safe, see gold, and then ignore gold for the pieces of paper under them

Safe Deposit Box (Yes, a bank) is good if you don't need 24/7 immediate access.

How do you upgrade your eco node? I don't have the option to upgrade anywhere on the wallet app

Literally has not shown me a button. App is broken or something

Did you hit upgrade already? Takes 10 days to mature