We need to get on this if we want to succeed in the US

I'm not not sure a landing page with a good artwork can be considered a real competitor :)

Read the articles on this.

Cointelegraph and google

please share VeChain related news only

Jason rockwood tweeted that vechain will have competition in one of his tweets

Pepsi Boy

Ah yeah - remember this. Well some competition is good - keeps you sharp.

So we know which coins they are tendering to


Hello! Is it a problem if I use sync with and observed wallet in kedger to move some vet? Thanks

Send vtho recieve vet. Cant be any easier

Or send vet receive vtho ;)

Jo Lo

Yes, love this. Earlier used to transfer to Oceanex and convert, but this is faster and more convenient.

Thanks guys! Will give it a go.

Ahh only on mobile wallet, I use Ledger.

What happen all these 100vet transfer fee who keeps it?

In which case the answer would be, Binance keeps it

They do have commision already. Dont think to

they (most all exchanges) have trading fees and withdraw fees as well

Sell wall for vet is getting thinner.....🤝🚀

Hi guys am holding few Vet in trust wallet an can't find my Vthor inside the wallet can anyone please tell me where to check thanks in advance

Can you run s strength node on atomic wallet?

Does Binance.US distribute VTHO? I don't see it listed on their website


Is it too late to buy more vet

this channel is a safehaven from market/purchasing talk though, I assume you're in the main channel?

Is Righty joining as well? 🤔

Silence before the storm from vechain? I Have the feeling they are revealing something big soon.

Normally they announce something every few days so I am excited

please dont tag Sunny here, cheeckout his twitter for his latest movements 👍