You can do transfer from wallet to node but can you do yet node transfer from ledger to wallet or direct transfer to another?

You can do transfer from wallet to node but can you do yet node transfer from ledger to wallet or direct transfer to another?

I guess you have to make a new wallet (adress) to transfer the node to. I don't know if you can switch from the wallet in ledger and go back to only the wallet in the same adress. @FKone2k do you have the answer?

Or could this be possible by importing the ledger keys into the official wallet?

But this is from sync. I don’t know

I can't help you with sync/ledger (yet), I am exploring it myself. But I bet someone else can/will help you soon.

I think we all can appreciate the subtle irony of the situation at hand.. First we all invest in Vechain, a Chinese cryptographic supply chain technology.. specifically designed to track things like vaccines..... Not so long after, a coronavirus takes hold of China, with no available vaccine to track, becomes a global pandemic... which then negatively impacts the entire crypto market.... dropping the price of vechain. Sigh... Aside from everybody’s welfare, my other main hope is that vechain eventually achieves its potential and isn’t wiped out due to unfortunate circumstances..

Why is that an “at admin?” That’s an opinion, not FUD. It’s basically true.

Only ones that have no fiat income or rely on the sale of tokens for funds

no fiat income is about 99.99% of the projects in the crypto market i reckon

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Why is that an “at admin?” That’s an opinion, not FUD. It’s basically true.

if you see something random like that, it typically means they were reporting spam that was removed

Vechain will be fine, but this will be the nail in the coffin for many smaller market cap coins

I hope that’s the case, as we could definitely do with less crypto clutter in the marketplace.

What's the real website of Vechain? Www.vechain.org or www.vechain.com? They both look similar to me

Is the team shut down until the pandemic is more under control? Or are they still hard at work? 👀

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Is the team shut down until the pandemic is more under control? Or are they still hard at work? 👀

Still working :)Don't forget that vechain has multiple offices around the world, so some might be affected, while others are not

Yeah. I didn’t know since it’s a pretty world wide pandemic. Thanks for the confirmation. 😄

Also this is a blockchain company... Working from home should be standard

As there aren't any real impediments for coding, apart from marketing etc, events in person which will freeze


what's up with the complete idiots in reddit's daily and their unrealistic speculations. Some people actually believe that the covid vaccine will be tracked with vet

conversations like that are more for the non serious channel



As the public blockchain platform chosen by http://coronavirusapi.com, we fully support the efforts of @itemsdapp and @vechainstats in the fight against the #COVID_19 epidemic. The platform tracks COVID-19 related data which runs hourly, and we will sponsor the full VTHO cost.https://twitter.com/vechainofficial/status/1240855517762748416Welcome to the VeChain Community 😷 Please keep all speculation about Corona out of this channel, there are other places to discuss COVID-19. Stay safe, following local procedures and remmember to wash your hands! 😷Latest VeChain news:▪️Introducing SURFACE - the future of VeChain's proof of consensus Algorithm. https://medium.com/vechain-foundation/vechain-publishes-the-first-preprint-on-poa-2-0-surface-acdd2a5ad9b7▪️Announcing the VeChain Foundation 2nd term Steering Committee election. https://medium.com/vechain-foundation/announcing-the-vechain-foundation-2nd-term-steering-committee-election-6d9fa0db26c2Latest Ecosystem News:▪️8 Hours: Learn more about VIM use cases. https://twitter.com/8Hours_Official/status/1237750444220243968?s=20▪️HackenAI Ama Hosted by Oceanex. https://medium.com/@OceanEx/oceantalk-hai-special-1b42bb3829f1▪️VeriArti launched WooCommerce plugin allowing shops to accept VET https://twitter.com/veriartivra/status/1238538771865444352
Hi, in this article https://www.francescocosta.net/2020/03/19/dati-ufficiali-illusione-ottica/ the author talk about official data about the #Covid19 in Italy where numbers are a sum of the 20 Italian region specific data. Unfortunately each region count in a different way from another. In the article the author, a serious journalist IMHO, explain the errors and why we are "add apples and pears". Are the USA'states counting the same "apple"? I hope I have been of help

Hi, does anyone knows Real Items's address & the Coronavirus API's address. I will like to donate some Vethor to them. Tks

Admin, Next week is the best period to attract attention of people by announcing result of vaccine project :)

is this vaccine project anything more than a PR stunt? Feels really flaky to me personally

I just believe potential of it. No one knows about future

for clarity i'm talking abou this Coronavirus API thing

should have been clearer

Ah, got it. I just said vaccine project related with china gov.

An Open Letter From The VeChain Foundation Regarding COVID-19With regards to the global outbreak of COVID-19, we have penned an open letter for our community and partners with sincerity. Despite the tough time, VeChain continues to build and deliver, and seizes the opportunity to enhance our core competitiveness.https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/an-open-letter-from-the-vechain-foundation-regarding-covid-19-3473ebc8fb16

Very interesting

Solid company best of luck Vechain