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Hi, where does one sell Vtho?

PERL can't deliver on their main net. Some opportunities for Vechain?
PERL can't deliver on their main net. Some opportunities for Vechain?

Some opportunities for whoever these perl guys are, to move over to VeChain before it's too late, yes

they're free to move their solutions over to the VET blockchain if they want them to be used.

If not, that's okay, there's 100 others like them that will just do what they do, but on VET

Does anyone know if the foundation vet buyback they can resell it whenever they want.? Sorry for my English

it's an important point for me

As in every Buckback, yes they can. At least there are no other information about this.

Didn't they state though that the vet is for being able to subsidise VTHO for developers?

yes, the point is they need the generated VTHO. it is not a speculative buy&sell on the VET market

In this buyback period, have those Vets moved to sell them?

no, apart from the hacker who tried to get some of the funds sold on exchanges

more info on that here

I think that the community philosophy is to maintain. Thanks you very much

you can view the buyback wallet?

No, no public buyback wallet so far

you can check the buybacks from last year at but note that this is the funds that got frozen due to the hack

Was there before?

there should be an update for maximum transparency

transparency is what gives meaning to all this

transparency and decision-making capacity. that's what makes the difference in a community.

I also pointed this out in the past. Sunny should provide the details concerning buy back. Promises and statements are insufficient.

We all deserve transparency

The article says more info will be announced soon, so please wait for the announcement

We all deserve transparency

Imagne if stockmarket investors would feel this self entitled to information... 😂 I am also interested in the details of a buy back, but you guys dont seem to value the message/signal that has been given already is more than what most companies/projects are doing

Thank you Vechain for all the transparantcy you already have given us! Ama's, financial reports, mention of buy back, ... meetups in multiple countries, ...

I have had 8 years of economy classes in school and they did not even explain where money comes from....

Not here to flame anyone in specific! Just trying to give another perspective to novice investors

I love Vechain and fully trust the direction Sunny and her team are taking. I'm just saying that Vechainthor blockchain is not just another investment like any other, it is a tool, a leap that substitutes trust for transparency. The foundation that runs it must be the same. As the administrator has said, let's wait for news later that I am sure we will come.

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I am full in every sense with Vechain

Hey quick question. When you buy a Strength node, that means you get to by pass the maturity period right?

You have to think if it's worth buying one.

Not an X node just a Normal Strength node for like $80

I wish I had enough for a Xnode, maybe in the future