Is vechain accenture partner?

Is vechain accenture partner?

I think Accenture works with us and Ethereum

I know acce ture is ripple partner, and i thought vet too

But im not positive

Both of them advertise the eco-friendly ness of their tech

I can see them working together in the future on the United Nations carbon reduction inititives

Ripple partnerships with Citi and BOA. These two banks Just released their carbon reduction initiative plan and I would like to see them incorporate VeChain to manage itEven more!https://www.bankingdive.com/news/citi-bank-of-america-morgan-stanley-carbon-disclosure-group/582592/

Ripple is going against all what crypto currency stands for, and they sell Xrp every quarter, and around 4 millions XRP a day.

Nearly 6 mil vtho burn!!


Well done guys 👍

I want Walmart sized burn!

Guys how much vtho is generation daily on average?

Around 37m VTHO produced daily

37459858,09 to be precise

is there like a summit with avert and dennison?

Hello i am new here

I have a question as i am new

As long as persons hold Vet, do they always earn Vthor passively?

I mean is this a long lasting thing?

More land Cheaper Starting nurtured level higherMay be 1, all or none of the above! Haha, don’t worry, we’ll be launching a whole separate twitter and communty today actually where you’ll get all the info you need