Yeah it was mostly a joke, I don't think bitcoin should move to VET 😉

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Best exchanges for bitcoin 100x leverage?

As you can see it's traders don't behave like Bitcoin traders.

You bought at the beginning of the alts bear market

I bought just as bitcoin crashed. Been slowly adding though since then

this is not too different from other blockchains, the same happened to bitcoin almost a decade ago when someone found an exploit. The miners "voted" by just mining on a new chain (the chain with the exploted bitcoins removed from existence)

After seeing VET drive so far up from below $0.01, i now understand how Bitcoin OG who had weak hands feel.. 😂

Mathieu (I will never PM you)
I lost $2 whole dollars to QuadrigaCX

I got lucky cause it didn’t happen when I was buying bitcoin. But felt bad for everyone else that lost. We had to provide our ID and never saw that coming. So now I’m really careful!! Glad you didn’t lose much :)

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To The Stars
damn, so you held no VET? Savage

I emailed them to ask if they will allow withdrawing it in the future, but no email back. They don't allow withdrawing Cardano either.I guess the Robinhood users will be in for a surprise when they find out they don't own real bitcoin.

it will affect bitcoin most for sure and have downstream effects

Very interesting! Vechain is the cryptocurrency that has gained the most VS #Bitcoin in the last 90 days, from the top 30 assets!

it doesn't give me error, it accepts my words
As far as i know the seed words for vechain are on this BIP39 list. You can check if you have the spelling correct for all of them:
VeChain (VET) Has a Relatively Low Correlation to Bitcoin – Ethereum World News