Moving along, coinneo has (for now) given me a sufficient explanation

To reiterate think of it this way. You have companies that have done business and transacted with a new tech (internet) for only two decades companies like Walmart had to hire and create a whole new department to deal with this new change in the way of doing business 2 decades that’s it....before that they did their business the same way for 50-150 years it was a huge change for many companies and it literally put some companies out of business who refused to change and adapt Walmart had the money to throw at this new internet thing just 2 decades later they are needing to revamp their entire I.T. Departments all around the world , work with suppliers , wholesalers , logistics companies ect ect in order to stream line the way new data will flow and be managed that’s everything from the lady in Italy picking olives and entering the time date weight ect ect of the bags of olives she picks and entering on chain using tool chain , to the quality person inspecting and verifying it and entering that data to the logistics side saying the received it and it is exactly what they claim it to be entering that data ect ect all along the supply chain all of this has to take place for Walmart to have it s 100 product LINES (so several brands of olive oil as an example)to be “live” and on chain is called “disruptive technology” for a reason it is literally changing the way things are done all over the world in many different industries this is such a new way of doing everything again by now utilizing the internet in a way never before even thought or heard of many companies like Walmart are scrambling ....Walmart might have tons of money and be able to make the switch easily but the suppliers are probly scrambling ....imagine being a small olive oil farm in Italy and your customer Walmart say I need you to start us8ng blockchain or we will need to move to someone who is willing too an example these little farms and producers ect ect are probly going nuts trying to set this all up it’s going to hurt now but once it’s up n running it I’ll be like a well oiled machine (no pun intended lol) so be patient they are all learning blockchain right now they have no clue what is going on .

Idc that the wallet has been hacked. I would if it had been a vulnerability of the blockchain but it was human error. Shit happens. Perhaps it was an inside job. We don’t know. Ofcourse they’ve been busy with that. If the hack was the cause of whitepaper getting delayed, how big of an effort is it to announce it publicly?

lol ur pretty fucking blind if you take the slightest form of criticism in such a pathetic way. fucking kids, how did you even get in here, tron or eos might be more suitable for you

Vechain has made more progress than any other blockchain project in this space. So moaning about a target not met by a third party client and blaming vechain is ignorant and unproductive. So who's the blind one and childish?

Derek the Crypto Bandit
Yeah there no more those products to scan on the shelves

Are you saying Walmart China no longer has products in stock that use the VeChainThor blockchain?

Announcing the inaugural #VeChainCommunityContributorAwards! Nominations start now. We want to thank our strategic partner CREAMethod for spearheading & maintaining the most active & cohesive blockchain community in the space. Happy New Year! #VeChain2020Submit your nomination here: "IBM said its new "Thank My Farmer" app will allow consumers to track their morning joe from the store where they buy it back to the farm where it was grown. Built in collaboration with traceability platform Farm Connect, which also uses IBM's blockchain, the app is expected to launch sometime this year. It was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas."
What sounds familiar?

The blockchain tracking solution they're using. Sounds a lot like vechain. Not to lean too heavily on rumors, but there's been hints online that there might be a partnership with IBM.

I tried looking up the Farmer Connect traceability platform mentioned in the article and it sounds alot like vechain. They also seem a little too small scale to leverage a custom blockchain solution of their own.

You guys heard of badui new blockchain

XRPrecious $XRP $VET X-Node

It's actually a permissions public blockchain like vechain

The public can view the transactions on the blockchain and they will have masternodes

Still trying to figure out where vechain stands with this new blockchain?

No announcements of announcements. But, there’s some release dates of when certain products go live. We should have some vaccines from China on the blockchain within a few months. 😄

Keynote coming up soon from Kevin at EuroBlockchain event, no?

Seth G
This isn’t a relevant VeChain serious channel discussion? A flagship VeChain ICO dumps all their remaining VET in one full swoop and we should ignore it because why?

No one is telling you to ignore it, but no one here knows the reason on the movements of their funds because this isn't the Safe Haven telegram, so let's be civilPerhaps when facts are established in their channel, and if it genuinely impacts the ecosystem, then it can be discussed here, but only if it's relevant. Right now it really doesn't have anything to do with VeChain. Even if their ICO is conducted on VeChainThor blockchain, it's still a different project, with their own staff, company and operations

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu (@sunshinelu24) talks about how he founded the platform after his time at Louis Vuitton and how VeChain drives enterprise adoption of blockchain in the latest edition of The Conversation.

After that the world will need a financial benchmark. The petro-dollar is dying as we speak, and other currencies are so far behind (and now have to compete with blockchain) and gold is still gold. Heavy metal. Vechain is connecting the one true global asset: supply. My money is here.

I really like the foodgates setup tbh - marketplace, audits, supply chain solution and blockchain verified. Expected to launch March 2020. Hope it gains traction quickly

It gives us an indication that there are other competitive collaborations happening in this blockchain space - thought it would be good for the community to share developments .

Sunny mentioned a conference call he had with IBM’s old head of blockchain who’s since left. So I think that’s as far as it went

If I want to upload data to the blockchain... let's say a picture and text... how much data can be sent with each clause?

What's the latest news on Vechain ?

Everything is recorded and verified in the blockchain.

... and with MPP and VIP191 the masses don't need to hold any crypto to use the Vechain blockchain

Yeah but someone needs to get it for them or produce it for them.

sure, but not necessarily the one that wants to put the data on the blockchain

We are excited to provide the blockchain infrastructure for Reebonz. Powered by #VeChain, Reebonz is now the first fashion technology and online luxury marketplace company to provide an end-to-end tracking service for their entire product inventory.

I 100% believe in vechain, just am and have been having trouble justifying spending over 2k for an x node now. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough capital during the initial offering so I didn’t get one then. I’d love to have one but haven’t seen a true benefit yet so was just wondering if anyone knew of any updates possibly coming down the line, such as possible airdrops, etc from affiliates tokens on the blockchain, etc.

Blockchain would only help so far there


Trying to understand it has it's own blockchain but imif we were to define its value would it be its protacal?

Blockchain architectures are usually broken down into three layers - network, protocol and application. So yes VeChain is a protocol as it has its own blockchain (80% rewrite of ethereum). As already mentioned it also has many applications written to make adoption easier as well
Sorry I’m a newbie, is it necessary to do the swap?

VEN to VET? no one can force you to do it, but it'd be smart to do if you plan to collect VTHO or interact with the blockchain in anyway

those are real announcements for real people at work, but processes take time. What we know is that some of world's biggest certification and business companies are by vechain side to deliver blockchain to the world. They move, the fly, they act. As of now, I really can't give a damn about the 900k wallets or walmart product lines. Companies are slow to implement new technology and vechain is no wizard.

We also have a competitor based in the US San Francisco whom has partnered with Neogen a 3.5 bill company, there are working on a blockchain tech for food traceability in the states and etc.. there name is Ripe Technology INC website

VeChain is happy to be a part of this partnership to provide blockchain technology for more enterprise users. Through both professional consulting and our top-of-the-line technology, we are confident to drive mass adoption of blockchain together with Cointelegraph Consulting.
Blockchain fail24/7 PatelTard^2
Have you guys read anything on 6G?

No I haven't, blockchain fail 24/7 Patel tard^2. But you seem like a knowledgeable young chap. Please share your expert analysis with us

Latest News8Hours Foundation announces VIMWorld, a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem fueled by $EHrT and enabled by the 8Hours Ecosystem and VeChainThor blockchain.Read more: the 8Hours Foundation telegram channel at @play8hoursAnnouncing the VeChain Foundation 2nd Term Steering Committee ElectionVeChain Foundation hereby officially announces the start of the 2nd Term Steering Committee Election. The rules, voting process and full details of the Election can be found below, with all categories of nominations starting now.
Congratulations to the @8Hours_Official team on the big milestone launch. The VeChainThor blockchain with its meta-transactions and fee delegation is the perfect choice for #NFTs and gaming use cases and we look forward to seeing the success of VIMWorld.

VeChain Publishes the First Preprint on PoA 2.0-SURFACE, Further Establishing Itself as a Pioneer In Blockchain Adoption and Technology