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We put block babies on vechain without toolchain or sunny and they didn’t even really know what blockchain is, let alone vechain. The power is in anyone’s hands to use vechain or to enable others onto vechain

Good to have someone that is a service provider (end user) to shed us some light on this. I would imagin budgetting would be even easier if you know precisely how much you would pay for your vtho for x amount of data to put onto the blockchain say for next month and beyond.

I don’t know enough about eth.2 to comment either way. I just see good blockchain and I use it. Pretty Neanderthal thinking :)

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I don’t see how the price of VTHO is important to a business if the transaction cost remains stable. If they want to write x data and it consistently costs x dollars then who card if that is 1 VTHO or 1000. Also without VTHO price appreciation the tokenomic model does not work and VET has no value. VET is valuable because generates VTHO, if the price of VTHO can’t appreciate then VET can’t become more intrinsically valuable.

This is extremely important. Theres no plans to do dynamic cost adjustment. Meaning if a saab were asked to give a quote on their service, It would be difficult (or quoting a price to have big enough margin). Cost of vtho surged up 10 folds so this is one additional risk doing business with vechain which vechain is promoted user that it would not have (idea of two token system). Even when we do have a way stabilze cost for user, for it be changing vtho generation or changing vtho cost per transaction, the very moment users interact with the blockchain would cost the same in dollar terms, but is very different how service companies do business. First one would allow service providers inventory vtho, while the latter would require the providers to acquire vtho at the time of usage. Both do the same thing but the latter is harder to achieve in the real world use case.

I know, but when theres only one middleman (integrator), they will be the only buyer

There are already companies and startups offering integration to VET blockchain without involvement of VeChain Company out there.

What do you mean "not real case usage"

Assuming both methods are dynamically and automatically adjusting, you need to look at this through the integrators point of view. If i start my own business to help enterprise putting stuff on blockchains without toolchain, the two cost stable mechanisms requires different infrastrutures. One can inventory vtho, the others cant. The one can inventory would buy vtho whenever they want while the one that cant requires alot more dev support (buying amd using at the same time).

Product keys auth via blockchain should be a thing

Six other public blockchains are onboard already.

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tl;dr BSN is a joke, and actually they just split up

remember, you can call something "China's blockchain network", doesn't mean it is actually that

Carlos Matos will love longer than any blockchain in spirit

I dont understand this news that came out today about Colorline, what will they use the vechain blockchain for? Like will they need alot of VTHO or do they just use the blockchain to store some documents about what they have done to keep people safe from the virus? Maybe not the best question, but i hope someone could help me understand this😅


"Passengers can look for the My Care – Infection Prevention Ready trust mark online or onboard the vessels as proof of Color Line’s actions to keep people safe. Scanning the QR-code embedded in the trust mark opens DNV GL’s assessment statement, which in a consumer-friendly way provides more details and is stored on a blockchain for added trust and integrity."

And to store that on the Vechain blockchain they will have to use VTHO

OK i see. Aside from vtho, can i get also vet as a reward for staking or vtho only

You can earn extra rewards by holdig a node, but every VET always generates VTHO every block on the blockchain, staking or not.

Long term, but I still need to see real benefits

most adapted and fast growing public industrial blockchain than everything else in this space

Can some one explain the use case of vthor ?

Vethor (VTHO) is needed to pay for writing data to the VeChainThor blockchain. This means that every transaction (sending tokens, or sending data to a smart contract) has to be paid for in VTHO. The amount of VTHO that is needed for a transaction depends on the size of the data you want to send. A simple VET transaction costs you around 30 VTHO, while sending a transaction filled with data to a smart contract can cost 1000 VTHO.Each VET has a generation rate of 0.000432 VTHO generated per VET per day. A user that owns 10K VET in his wallet will earn 4.32 VeThor each day. This is the default VTHO generation rate, which can increase, but not decrease over time. To have the generation increased a vote has to occur in which all stakeholders can vote. At the time of writing, 37.5 million VTHO is generated each day. On use, 70% of the VTHO gets destroyed, while the remaining 30% is paid out to the Authority Node as a reward for the transaction. The whole idea of a two coin system is that this allows the transaction fees to remain relatively stable, compared to a system where there is only one coin. This allows for two mechanisms to keep the transaction costs stable: 1 Increase the VTHO generation rate (which means more money generated) or 2. Change the amount of VTHO needed (which means higher demand = more money generated)

MasterCard, Alibaba back blockchain to track food, wine exportsProducts on the new automated supply chain are tracked using VeChain as the public blockchain and MasterCard Provenance as the permissioned ledger or transaction verification tool available to users of the platform.

no veforge was just a portal like sync. the wallet is always on the blockchain

Your vet is on the blockchain. Vault was just a Ui

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Is that similar to meta-transactions? (or 'child-pays-for-parent' ?)
It allows someone else to cover the transaction fees when using the blockchain. Check this article out:
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Private blockchains in the enterprise world will be a thing of the past soon enough, and Ethereum-based ones face too many issues

Its really just my opinion, but Ive been watching ADA for a while and its just been in testing for a long time and I dont see them landing huge clients, at least a lot of them. It takes a while as we can see with vechain to mature the blockchain. It takes years, with the correct technology and governance to mature.ADA doesn't give me the same confidence that Vechain gives.

“Part 1: Introducing the VeChainThor Blockchain Transaction Model” by VeChain Foundation
De Cecco, the 3rd largest pasta manufacturer in the world is now powered by DNV GL’s My Care and #VeChain ToolChain! De Cecco is the first Italian Agri-food company to be on board. ToolChain continues to prove itself ready for #blockchain mass adoption.

I heard nothing of a currency though, just use of blockchain

VeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:29]Hello Geir-MartinVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:29]Vechain Official TeamVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:30]How are you doing today?Martin Johnsen, [06.08.20 08:30]I am fine thank you so muchVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:30]You’re welcomeVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:30]Are you a VET or VTHO holder?Martin Johnsen, [06.08.20 08:31]I am a vet holderVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:32]In the VeChainThor Platform, the stakeholders are the VET holders and some of them have specific roles such as Smart Contract Owners and Authority Masternode holders. Each of the stakeholders hold voting rights calculated by the voting authority model. The stakeholders can be individuals, corporations, government agencies, non-profit entities and other institutions with a valid legal status. The stakeholder voting mechanism ensures the inclusiveness of all designated stakeholders in the VeChainThor Blockchain ecosystem which entitles them to the 20%-25% hardfork bonus precisely.VeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:34]You’re to receive VET hardfork bonusVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [06.08.20 08:35][ Photo ]The total amount available to be disbursed this month for hardfork bonus.VeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [07.08.20 07:29]Hello Geir-MartinVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [07.08.20 07:29]Vechain Official TeamVeChain(VET) Official Team ✪, [07.08.20 07:29]How are you doing today?

BREAKING:De Cecco, the 3rd largest pasta manufacturer in the world is now powered by DNV GL’s My Care and #VeChain ToolChain! De Cecco is the first Italian Agri-food company to be on board. ToolChain continues to prove itself ready for #blockchain mass adoption. Announces Market Ready Food Safety Solution for Business Users.Following our success in the food sector, we're officially launching our market ready Food Safety Solution powered by #VeChain ToolChain! Clients can now deploy proven & scalable #blockchain solutions with minimal lead time compared to other platforms.
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Yo guys, Have we heard anything from BMW?

most recent afaik, other than when they were displaying verifycar (among their other blockchain-based solutions) on the front page of their site
BREAKING: VeChain and Oxford University Announces Joint Blockchain Proposal AlphaBlock VeChain news:8Hours Foundation announces Smart NFT #VIM giveaway to ALL VeChain X Node holders! their TG channel for more info @play8hoursTo all #Design4VeChain participants, please submit your design files at the designated time Announces Food Safety Solution powered by VeChain ToolChain. Contact the BD team of VeChain for business enquiries.

The assets dont reside on the phone. Your mnemonics just unlock what is yours on the blockchain

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Does it still generate Vthor while disconnected ?

Yes. VET is never disconnected (it is not stored IN your mobile or ledger). Your mobile wallet or ledger is actually just a gateway to the blockchain.