Just saying... if I want to buy SHA on bitrue, its only paired with btc and xrp. Thats pretty insulting

Same thing for orginal btc miners

Sorry for the stupid question.. When i earn the vtho from the wallet.. What can i do with it? Can i sell in exchange or convert to vet from the wallet??

Send it to ocean ex and use it to buy more vet or other cryptos like btc eth ect ect if there is no direct pairing you can sell it into Usdt or btc or vet and then buy what you like . Keep crypto off exchanges .

Put it simple, sat is the smallest btc unit

I think people strongly misreading China stuff lately maybe contributing to this move down. China looks poised to really embrace blockchain but wants to ensure scams and a lot of crypto are not included. Not really a surprise unless you misread Xi's statements. Gotta see the positive those - I.e. China allowing for mining, hailing Btc as blockchain success, Xi eating Vechain verified beef and support commodity tracking. My Twitter is full of OMG China Hates crypto still you idiots but I really see it as, China is willing to embrace real value in blockchain where it can be found.

Guys what does it meant by 24 hour btc volume

Why have recent VeChain tweets (from Jason Rockwood, for example) been mentioning XRP along with ETH and BTC?

I seriously don’t get the hate towards Ripple

The hate sentiment toward ripple is from the BTC maximalists from back in the days

Like how coinbase was/is hated for 2-3 years deeply by those BTC maximalists communities.

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The hate sentiment toward ripple is from the BTC maximalists from back in the days

Indeed. Saw an article that showed pay (think it was 5 BTC) for copy/pasta fud messages from old forum early days. Pretty wild

BTC and VET pumping same time... amazing:))

With VET? Or bitcoin?

Fiat purchase!!! my bitcoin and vet are long term. Vet forever vethor for sale, btc for 3 years more hold!

What if he sells them OTC to someone innocent in exchange for BTC or fiat.. and they are unaware of the tokens/wallets being blacklisted..

you think the sell off is over?

I'm sure only the initial drop was due to theft news. What we seeing now are the affects of btc and the greater market.

I think vechain has a lot up their sleeve and I have no doubt 2020 will be full of fantastic announcements. I wish we were independent of Btc, however despite even the best news, it seems at least for the short term a good Btc pump would be necessary to see a good push. Our day is coming. Regardless of whether we get the tokens back, they should burn them all and once they catch the individual responsible, prosecute him/her to the full extent publicly. They stole millions, there’s no forgiving that.

No doubt the hack has played a part in recent price decline, as has BTC. It’s both.

yea, it really is a spectrum. the blockchain itself might not be BTC level decentralized,but if the community decides on that, we can't really complain

chinese arent obsessed with "legitimate" or "legal" (because china doesnt punish buyers/sellers unless its gigantic btc otc deals) they just want something that works and thats huobi

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More valuable than bitcoin

absolutely. the future of crypto will be a competition of best usecase. right now, btc is king simply because of the freedom it offers. once the regulators chip all that freedom away, there will be only one option left:

gonna need to expound

Once btc is controlled by elites , I predict Satoshi or some important figure will fork btc...

Sorry to break it to you but btc isn't dying

Yeah BTC is dying, dead already, it reminds me of the southern end of a north facing Camel

I give you another example.You wanted to send some BTC to an exchange. It says warning. Minimum 1 BTC to deposit or you lose the BTC.You sent 0.5 BTC and lost the BTC. Who should be blamed?

anyone else having issues withdrawing btc from oceanex ?

Why vechain dont up like btc ?

Anyone tried banxa on oceanex using gbp?

Yes I have, easy and fast to use but need to do KYC again for Banxa but was approved straight away and BTC arrived quickly in my OceanEx account

Specifically to binance or have they blocked vet withdrawel?

Withdrawal in general. Had to convert my vet to btc to get it off their platform.

Guys is trading closed under 1 BTC on VET/BTC pair on oceanex?

Trade] New digital asset on BTC Market (VET)Dear Upbit users,Upbit adds following digital asset on BTC market today (3/27).The deposit for VET will be open within 30 mins of the announcement.Minimum deposit amount is 5 VET. If you deposit less than 5 VET, it cannot be credited into your account.

This is not very good

not good?😂😂😂 btc 50k in 36 days😱🤪😆🙏🛫🚀 Let it follow

everthing is follow btc...😳😆