Isn't everything in the entire crypto space skeptical?

or it's just the ability to know that its a legit product and you can cehck it by claiming it?

They dont have to claim, they just need the option be available to verify it hasn't been tampered with. We dont ask for crypto wallet addresses so if the users dont want to participate they dont have to.

@CryptoCream Not sure if you saw some of our posts, we had fun here the other day:). Summary below with some of my new ideas.1. Daily or weekly VeChain Community Brainstorm session to identify potential partnership. Winning idea for the day or week gets 1000 VET airdrop :-)2. market vechain foodtrace solutions to Manuka honey in New Zealand and Australia:1) <--- we want these guys2) OTC - Offshore Technology Conference... looks like DNV GL has a strong presence in O/G... I was surprised to see their office in energy corridor the other day... anyone touched base with DNV GL O/G sector to see applicability of vechain in O/G? Jason led a nice workshop at Cornell university. Would you be interested in hosting a similar session with Indiana University Bloomington Kelly School of business? They have access to traditional manufacturing industries. I think vechain will bring low cost and quick deployment to increase their competitive advantages

@CryptoCream We are running a campaign for Vechainstats, i am posting the campaign below. any additional insights will be greatly appreciated as well 😀. Thanks in advance⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

In fact, I have no idea why everyone is so hyped about tx increases, in terms of value appreciation via VTHO demand increase. For as long as they can adjust vtho emission rate at will, there will be no exponential increase in price. Vechain as a company is awesome, and I wish i could buy actual eauity in it. The token model is a joke, and it’s the reason why this thin doesn’t moon. As it’s often the case with crypto, it’s little more than a gimmick. No hater here, i’m a dumbass that’s been hding an xnode forever ‘cause i still believe even with all this VET is a better bet than most of the junk out there. But let’s not kid ourselves here please...

Sunny is the best CEO any crypto project can have he has achieved more than anyone in the blockchain space😎😎😎😎as a whole.

The average crypto investor is an embarrassing mess.

24-36 months . Vet could be .25 or more.

I'm hoping for a shorter timeframe to hit .25 (before eoy) but as with anything crypto, never say never.

Did'nt their team already state that their business strategy was to be able to build across as many chains as possible given a main market for them is the crypto community (not just Vechain holders). Pretty sure that was open knowledge already

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More valuable than bitcoin

absolutely. the future of crypto will be a competition of best usecase. right now, btc is king simply because of the freedom it offers. once the regulators chip all that freedom away, there will be only one option left:

In that case, you shouldnt be in crypto in the first place.

You sound like you have some good ideas, any other improvements you would like to see in relation to Vechain, the mobile wallet, community interaction etc?

Not really, I’m not up to date with what’s happening. I’m about 80% in VeChain cos I still believe it’s got the most chance of adoption, but they have a long way to go operationally, like all crypto startups

I like the four hour option it's a good backup if my private keys have been compromised. Send existing node to new wallet, then send the $vet. As such I can ensure that if my private keys are compromised I have a get out of jail card and time to rectify the situation

Yeah I just feel like there’s a tendency in crypto to blame the end user for fuck ups, but at the end of the day the target is the majority of people who don’t read terms of service etc and they’re retarded so you gotta consider that

... and with MPP and VIP191 the masses don't need to hold any crypto to use the Vechain blockchain

The article says vet is an erc20 token...

Allow me to let you in on a crypto-news site secret

So are there any reliable news outlets specifically for crypto?
I can see both sides of this argument. Whilst I do believe Vechain is doing a great job of growing, there has been some misleading information presented from time to time.

Most crypto 'investors' have zero idea the scale or time that large enterprises take to implement anything of change. To simply change a company logo costs an enterprise millions of dollars and months+ to implement it, let alone changing their entire supply chain as an example. They just believe things aren't working because the token price hasn't gone up xx amount compared xxx coin, but really, they just don't want to admit to themselves that they bought in 2017/18 bubble with zero idea of what they were putting their money in to and now need something to blame for not being a millionaire already.

well thought out an reasonable, as long as there is no ill intent implied. I do get tired of the constant moon-drive here. I'd like to discuss the mechanics here more as well. doesn't mean VET is bad- otherwise I wouldn't be scooping up nodes left an right. but standing against educated and rational discussion in favor of constant moon-talk makes me want to leave.

I think part of the problem is that real network values (value driving through them from business) doesn't really provide true support the market caps of these things. It causes confusion especially for the less experienced (both in crypto and in business) in understanding what it would take to make this happen and how long it will take

of course it's understood by oldschool that nothing in crypto is perfect yet, but it should not be swept under the rug either. challenges are best dealt with head on. our best indicator is complaints from confused plebs.

which is where they beat you with a $5 wrench until you just tell them where your seed words are

🤣 they have to know at least that you hold crypto otherwise they use the wrench although you told them the truth

No way.... simply books. Is there vet 1$ and i don t know? 😁

Price for cryptos in general is manipulated, illogical and a farce. Hopefully the whole entire market can mature and make way for the professional companies being mass adopted and solving real world problems

Mr Black
most projects will have a lifespan of 2-3 years before they run out of money

Good, looking forward to a far more logical crypto market which reflects professional projects

We have survived a long bear market, many casualties, I'm not looking at crypto 24/7 at the moment

Contemplating picking up a few more x-nodes, if Vechain is really going to take off and become mainstream these will be serious fucking gold. Not necessarily for returns, but the NFT scarcity with utility is pretty insane (imagine cryptokitties just bigger +). At the death rate of xnodes we have now (people losing them / "Panic" moving their funds) there will be 0 left in 10 years. Being realistic and considering the fact that some will never lose or touch theirs (say 10%) there would be around 400-450 left in 10 years. They will become rare collectibles if Vechain has the success people on here seem to believe it will have.

It really is, the best asset manager I have seen so far, working perfectly with mobile, desktop and ledger wallets 💪

it feels like the best one out of any crypto going. What a fantastic piece of work. I hope he's rewarded fairly by the foundation for his hard work
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Sunny in US

On holidays or the Crypto World Summit in New what I reckon but have no real knowledge of why Sunny in US.

Anyone tried transfer Vet from to binance before?

Crypto.Com didn't allow it so I stopped using it.

I think we all can appreciate the subtle irony of the situation at hand.. First we all invest in Vechain, a Chinese cryptographic supply chain technology.. specifically designed to track things like vaccines..... Not so long after, a coronavirus takes hold of China, with no available vaccine to track, becomes a global pandemic... which then negatively impacts the entire crypto market.... dropping the price of vechain. Sigh... Aside from everybody’s welfare, my other main hope is that vechain eventually achieves its potential and isn’t wiped out due to unfortunate circumstances..

Only ones that have no fiat income or rely on the sale of tokens for funds

no fiat income is about 99.99% of the projects in the crypto market i reckon

Vechain will be fine, but this will be the nail in the coffin for many smaller market cap coins

I hope that’s the case, as we could definitely do with less crypto clutter in the marketplace.

I am new in the world of cryptocurrencies and VeChain is my largest position
Korean Cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has now added a $VET/KRW fiat trading pair! Thank you for the support. A trading competition is also being held with generous VET rewards.

And crypto in general following stock market