Tx fees are far more volatile on vechain than Ethereum

I can prove the costs of transaction on vechain is 5x more expensive and more volatile than Ethereum when purchasing vtho from the open market :*

I have done a transfer to the intermediary address in Vechain Thor Wallet under the token swap feature. First 2 test amounts went through after a few days. My big main amount has confirmed on the Ethereum Chain 7 days ago and has not shown in the Vechain Thor wallet. Not even as processing. What should I do? Will it eventually arrive is 1 week too long?

one of vechains key advantages over Ethereum should be transaction costs, it’s actually more expensive to transact on vechain than Ethereum :/

transaction costs are more volatile on vechain than Ethereum

This is true.

So deloitte was using that to export data from ethereum to vechain?No vechain does not need that maybe other BAAS platforms

Not comfortable they need my password

Ummmm Your wallet needs your password to be granted permission to use the Dex on the vechain network. Similar to idex, the Dex on the ethereum network. I don't know how else you expect to interact with smart contracts, but ok. I understand your fear

I understand his fear tho. I remember the first time I used metamask with dapps on ethereum

vechain is losing a major support beam in totient. For this type of fall out to spill into the public domain is unacceptable. Very surprising for a company that has relatively little community development to allow this to happen. Even though totient is being very unprofessional, these types of decisions are not made over night, and can be seen coming well before-hand. The level of products they have created and their business value (vip-191 alone) would make you think vechain should have somehow brought them under their umbrella

Don't be so dramatic. It's been months since Totient labs has released an update and the app they won 35k from the community let's you create an avatar that you can pay to barely customize and talk in a chat box. Thats it.. 35k to do that..... Yes, they have contributed greatly to vechain but they could have plateaued and that's why they decided to move back to ethereum. They have been working on a new ethereum wallet for the last two months too. In total. They recieved almost 100k in funding between 3 people and want more funding 6 months later while only working on Vet for 4 months afterwards.

dont kid yourself with all those ethereum projects.. theyre not making money. just got hefty VC moneyz behind them

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Even this isn't 100% accurate, I see VET as one of the few projects with real use cases.So, I invested almost 90% of my fiat in the Vechain ecossystem (VET, VTHO and OCE).

I like to diversify a bit more, I believe Bitcoin will remain a store of value, and isn't going anywhere. I like Ethereum too. Sceptical of XRP.

António Saramago
BTC is the first one, Ethereum still has value and XRP can be huge...when escrow is empty.😂

I find Vitalik to be very very impressive as well, the dude is genuine. Cares about people, cares about a better world, and is aiming to use Ethereum as an instrument to decentralize power.

@CryptoCream ) DNV GL has significant presence in US 2) VeChain has more channel partners than DNV GL. 3) US was relatively weak for Vechain, that is changing. 4) Ethereum as of now has technological flaws for enterprise adoption, vechain improved on those flaws by working with enterprises.

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Every big project gets hit

haha that was kind of the way I was looking at it. Every project has a scandal associated with their name, from bitcoin to ethereum. I'm glad that if we had to have ours, it was a minor one

Does this fit vechain right now

Tell me how vechain’s process of producing blocks is different from Ethereum in a way that would prevent this.

otherwise it would be just like Ethereum... wholely reliant on others

Blockchain architectures are usually broken down into three layers - network, protocol and application. So yes VeChain is a protocol as it has its own blockchain (80% rewrite of ethereum). As already mentioned it also has many applications written to make adoption easier as well