The Official VeChainThor Wallet Available From the App StoresApple iOS App Store Google Play Android Store Ledger Nano S Ledger Live via https://vault.veforge.comVeChain Official Wallet Website to use 'Authorize Observe' to view and manage your Ledger address, including Node upgrades from within the mobile wallet you create each wallet, it will have its own password and 12 mnemonic words. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that this information is stored in a safe place, as you will need it if you replace or lose your phone.

Best to start again with your mnemonic phrase and create a new wallet

Create new wallet, import a wallet, enter the 12 word Mnemonic Phrase, set a new wallet name and password.

Would I have to buy a new Ledger to use the phrases or would I use them directly in the VeChain wallet. Also, apparently, I would have to store the phrases safely in different location?

- Ledger's 24 word phase recover ledger.- Mobile wallet's 12 mnemonic phase recover mobile wallet.I cannot advice you where is the safest and appropriate place for you to store the phases, it is up to individual.

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You remember the mnemonic phase?

If you still have the mnemonic passphrase you can restore your wallet and set a new password

If someone were to get hold of the 24 word mnemonic phrase (but not the hardware) for my Ledger Nano S, would they then have control, or would they need something else also? Thanks.

Yes, they can get a new ledger and "restore" it with the mnemonic passphrase

Is there any way I can test my mnemonics used for my vechain thor ios app? I am giving a copy to my bro and i would like to check them first, i just realised i bady scribbled down the last word (sigh i know)

If I was to store my vet wallet on a tablet and it all the sudden stopped working can I recover my wallet to a different device and how hard would that be?

Yes, if you store your mnemonic phrases (12 words) somewhere safe, you'll always be able to restore your wallet on another device 😊

Seems easy enough. Now without the mnemonic phrase I wouldnt be able to recover it?

Seems easy enough. Now without the mnemonic phrase I wouldnt be able to recover it?

No, if you lose the mnemonic phrase and your device stops working, you won't be able to recover it

What are chances the mnemonic phrase wouldnt work?

Your mnemonic phrase = your private key as i just explained.

Provided you haven't also forgotten your password, you can export your Keystore, which is as good as your mnemonic phrase

If you still have your mnemonic passphrase you can import your wallet and set a new password for the wallet

Hello, I have a question regarding mobile wallet. I have forgotten the wallet password. I want to reset my password by importing mnemonic phrases. After I click "import now" it takes me to the next step of writing the phrases. Under it are 3 blanks: 1) New Wallet Name 2) New Password 3) Confirm New PasswordThis just resets my password and nothing else, correct? It won't affect my x-node status or anything? the "New Wallet Name" kind of threw me off.Thanks in advance for any help.

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umm guys, I need help, I forgot the first word in the 12 word Mnemonic phrase for wallet there a database of these words so I can read the words and maybe remember it? or trying manually one by one

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Mnemonic phrases should do it yeah

Like no space after the last word..and all small etc..if you have successfully imported wallet via mnemonic phrase there should be no issues doing it again..maybe a small spelling error or something would have been missing

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If I get a new iphone, how do I setup my wallet on the new phone?

If you want to import your existing wallet you can do it via mnemonic phrase or you can create a new's pretty easy :)

Hello, is Vechain going to bring out a paperwallet down the track?

There are non-official ones that exist but it's much safer to generate an address through any of the VET wallets, and then print the mnemonic phrase on paper/plastic/sheet metal/whatever you wish.

The name is just for you to recognize different wallets and the passwords purpose is that no one can transfer your funds from your mobile, but the most important is you mnemonic phrase

Also safe haven node app asks for mnemonics of my vechain Thor wallet.It gets very skeptical

Also safe haven node app asks for mnemonics of my vechain Thor wallet.It gets very skeptical

Yes, you can create multiple wallets (up to 10 iirc) within the official VeChainThor mobile wallet. I would recommend that you move your SHA to a new wallet for security reasons. Then you can bind that wallet using the node app.As for the Safe Haven Node app requiring mnemonics/keystore, I would be more than happy to explain why either through PM or through the Safe Haven telegram group. I am not sure this topic is appropriate for this telegram channel.

Only cry babies and retards would ask a question like that.

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Where can I find the current wallet mnemonic phrases from VechainThor wallet?

oh, I don't use it myself but I don't think it should ask for anything other than a signature from your wallet (to authorize a transaction). Someone who uses it often would have to chime in, anyone out there?

Lmao no vexchange doesn't get anyone's seeds. It's a dapp. And when you access it, your own wallet asks you to enter your password, (not any seed or mnemonic) to authorize it to interact with the dapp.

It’s asking for your mnemonics, says import on the bottom, if you don’t have current password

Where can you see your mnemonic on your current wallet. Thank you.